Cheap fast way to recover ethanol


Cheapest way to try to keep up with our ethanol extraction crude? Roto vap can’t handle what we need currently. We have 20k to spend and not sure for that amount what’s the best. Maybe just more rotos?



Chinese Vacuum pot still double jacketed 200L with agitation mixing motor. Use a recirc heater to bring boiler up to temp



have you looked at any of the threads in the category?

or searched for “ethanol recovery”?

how much solvent are you trying to recover?
how many lbs of biomass does each gallon of solvent see?
(see Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget) or EHO Color Remediation if that question doesn’t make sense).

maybe even check out Who is king of EToH Recovery?



what is your desired recovery rate, liters/gallons, per 8 hour shift?

sounds like more rotos or hiring a consultant to custom build a small scale falling film may be your best option, aside from saving more for an off the shelf FFE of course.

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I’m actually doing the bucket tek for the extraction and we do cycle 30lbs per 5 gal bucket before recovering so it’s fairly saturated.

I just looked into the page you sent and it seems having a mini ffe build custom may be a good route.

Looking at about 300l/ 8 hour shift would be ideal for now