Cellular Wafers are the future of drug delivery tech!

Look, what you’re doing is awesome… i don’t want to diminish it but that statement buddy… is beyond reaching lol.

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I dont have an SOP that can be licensed. I offer in-person instruction to assist one in developing their own SOP. I am still transferring this from practice to teaching. I can help someone evolve their operation but i cant offer anything that can be held in exclusivity. My business practices pertaining to this tech are primarily to fund further development. I have some ideas that i don’t mind heavily monetizing but these dont fall in that category


When are you going to put psilocybin in your wafers?


Great explanantion.

DM me and lets make something happen. Would rather go with you than lexxaria tbh


Have you tried these “cellular wafer” gummies yet?


Yes and no. Tried making them. under @CellularSecrets tutelage. As did @MillerliteRN.

Not sure we’ve gotten it right yet. Some interesting preliminary anecdotes…

Bioassays get tricky to schedule if you’re not sure of onset,duration, OR potency…if you add in “might drag anything else you ingest along for the ride”…

…(which I am currently convinced I accidentally achieved with 3-4 sips from a beer)…so that your caffeine habit must also be factored in….then there are replicates and controls. Blind is essentially impossible given the supplies on hand.

Let’s just say it still a work in progress…

Waiting for “done right” (@CellularSecrets with his equipment in his space) to arrive in the mail.

Also working on a GC gummy method so I can tease apart dosage/potency appropriately.


Did you just say it made you drunk off a few sips of beer?

Caffeine is already sketchy for me. This shit could give some people heart issues if that’s the case

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That is my current evaluation.

It may change after further injestigation…


Having a hard time wrapping my head around how it concurrently effects/potentiates drugs taken around the same time if they aren’t present in the actual wafer.


cuase they all be present in your tum tum

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Can you give an example of another delivery system with this type of effect? @Extractionperson2.0

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Does there have to be another one to work this way for this to work this way?

Me:someone find a giant shark

You: can you tell me about another giant fish for me to believe in this one


You’re talking about spending money buying this “giant fish”… have you ever seen the movie Big Fish?


This is the thread that keeps on giving. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


The most interesting part about this thread is that this API has a chance to hospitalize or even kill someone

Extreme Weed


Does it?

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ask the fish not me


Agree…it is one thing for them to claim new and original chem. Concerning " wafer" (btw where is the wafer?) But it is another thing to claim novel pharmacokinetic phenomena after eating the “wafer”. I just do not see where this is going.

Photon seem convinced enough to donate his time and efforts…it is not like pfizer, merk rouche have not spent billions in research on this subject…long before cannabinois were marched out onto the playing field…

And now novel GPCR action…???

How many people on this site know that thc is a hallucinogen because they have managed to get enough in their system to actually hallucinate?

These are the known knowers. Let them evaluate this product.

If the product has a composition that alters the CB1 endocannabiod binding environment…you do not need to have cannabinoids in the formula to get wasted.


Liposomes get you high now not c-noids?