CBD isolation from CBD hash material (entry level)


Here is a thread of people trying to make ice wax while pretending bentonite clay doesn’t exist :man_shrugging:
BHO is one of the best methods for extraction. The skunkpharm terpenator line or bestvaluevacs CLS systems will give you very high quality extracts and afford you some “entry level” high quality extracts.



@qma I laughed at your response as much as the next guy, but so this kid does not get hurt doing something dumb, or worse harm others…

Newbarist please take a look at this article. Butane can have serious risks if you hook stuff up wrong / have a leak / don’t know what you are doing.

This happened just down the street form one of my homes recently. Butane is no joke and not something to play with inside a building without a properly vented laboratory setup. (Not affordable as a beginner)

That said, desipite your attitude, I wanted to say something. (Also my post might help others reading this stay safe.)

If you really want to get started on a budget invest in a 1 or 2 liter short path distillation system. Buy winterized Ethanol crude or BHO crude oil from another processor that has the equipment to do it safely, things like flammable materials laboratory freezers designed to be explosion proof for winterization and such. Sure it will cost you. Several thousand for just a liter, but then you can use your 1 to 2 liter distillation system to process it into distillate fairly safely without harming yourself or others on a small budget. You will most likely, if you have done your homework, more than double the value of the crude you purchased. Then you can flip the distillate or trade it for more crude oil. If you want to take advantage of your “source”, I would find someone local to do Ethanol extraction or BHO extraction on it and then use the winterized crude they produced for distillation. Once you have flipped many batches, learned lots along the way, and hopefully made some cool friends and some good money, you can invest in the proper equipment and facility needed to do what you want to accomplish safely. Hope this helps.


despite the smart ass unhelpful responses of the many prior to your post I already had a decent grasp on all of this. Its just to my disadvantage when looking into something for the first time I go in asking as if I have close to zero background … Why? because it leaves you in a better position to pull in information that you may have overlooked that can be useful…

By no means will I ever work with butane…

The fact i am referred to as " kid " is quite comical.

We’ve already been designing our own spinning band distillation apparatus’s and have manufactures on standby to manufacture them to our engineer’s specifications.

(we also have a biotage HPFC system)

We have a lab currently being built by the producer of the material mentioned in the original post that I am closely working with…

we already have lab’s that are equipped for distillation we already have access too. I only Just wanted to " cannabis industry’s " stand point but I got just that. A horde of unhelpful money hungry ass hat’s.

It greatly makes me laugh to see summit research’s latest videos talking about setting their SPD to work in a modular manner… Its almost Like these people Smoke weed first and learned about lab technique second… Its really quite hysterical to see how little anyone knows in this industry compared to a lab trained educated individual. I am not saying people dont know anything, nor am I trying to insult those who are skilled. I only speak on what I have observed as a whole in the " cannabis science " industry.

Honestly This thread went to shit and went entirely useless when user’s like QMA decided they wanted not allow this thread to gain any usefulness and continue to harass about illegal activity and other bullshit taht is entirely irrelevant. QMA doesnt know my life. QMA doesnt know the farm and businesses I am speaking of or working with. He was literally just being an ass hole its pretty obvious. And all he wanted to do was to instigate an argument and make the situation difficult. Why in the hell do I owe any sort of life explanation to a random internet bully ? It just doesnt make sense unless they are just trying to derail the subject and be just that… A bully. Does every thread on this forum start with questioning the legality of someones activity? No it doesnt its just plain insanity. We have full COA’s, paper work, and license for the product we have and are working with.

I appreciate your intention in your response greatly. We have everything on lock in this realm already. It wasn’t hard to figure out, but this thread was zero assistance unfortunately.

I didnt make this thread solely for my own information, but so when others who ARE new to this come into it they have quality and safe information they wont do something stupid with. But nope We just got a troll fest from a user in this community that literally only isnt banned by future BECAUSE he has good information despite him being a frustrating mess to communicate with despite your feelings on them or how much you’ve paid them apparently.

Everyone want to be a useless ass hat, Thank you for having good intentions and attempting to help.