CBC to CBN and Synthesis of CBN

Think i found the SOP that people are trying to keep hidden. He(Org Lett) achieved an 82% conversion rate which i have seen someone showing their tests off on conversion and i know theirs was 1% off so its a possibility & people on this (open source) forum were saying to keep it a secret :skull::skull::skull: I could most definitely be wrong … just an asshole making assumptions over here… Anyways open source ftw :v:



It does seem to be a good version but not THE trade secret most don’t know about. I do have a version of a cbn conversion sop if anyone if interested in it dm me.


Open source doesn’t mean show everyone your knickers!


I posted this “SOP” on a different thread. It is straightforward but uses iodine to mediate aromatization, so it requires pesky chromatography. This procedure is pretty useless because
the difficulty to source cbc, i guess you could collect all of your head fractions and distill cbc out yourself though.


Nice, from what I’ve read CBC is the easiest phytocannabinoid to be synthesized. I have an article on it somewhere in my email. Idk just shooting shots if someone comes with more viable information then dope game on.

I’m fairly confident that using supercritical CO2 crude as starting material is a good way to generate CBC. I haven’t done much in the way of testing this, but, it’s certainly worth investigating.


True, you just do a condensation rxn with geranial and olivetol, or something along those lines.


Yooo but CBN isnt a brown oil. Good luck trying to sell literal garbage to people. People in academia don’t care about how pure the substrate is as long as NMR looks good.


Ah your talking about the oil itself not the SOP? My b

gotta clean that nasty goop up with proper chromatography for this route.

What’s your hunch?

Sup-C CO2 grabs plant acids, lowers the pH to 4-5 depending on the batch. I had a tech forget to put a stir bar in a flask and ended up with 16% CBC. No way to know for absolute surety if it isn’t a mistaken identity for d10, but, from what I understand, d10 generally is created in basic, not acidic conditions. So, my inkling is that it is in fact CBC.


Would it work with sub critical?

I highly doubt it. I could totally be wrong though.

D10 is efficiently created with basic conditions but there are other less efficient ways to make it that involve heat and maybe acids


Stands to reason that I may be correct then, but, perhaps not, haha.

I would really love to see the results of CBG material extracted with CO2 and distilled roughly.

Also RIP to whoever follows this method since olivetol is $50/gram…



:joy::joy::joy::joy: oh hell no I think we’ll stick to our secrets lol


1g pricing is always jacked up… Im sure some people here have the capabilities to synthesize it. but more economically speaking theres got to be a way to isomerize another cannabinoid into CBC.

CBG goes to CBC fairly easily. I’m pretty sure @anon93688 posted the conversion on the forum somewhere.