I came here looking for an answer to the bad taste/reaction to vape cartridges. I can taste plastic in all of them so far. The last ones were meant to be top of the line but were the worst despite only using steel and glass ones. Has anyone tried the upmarket ones like 710 Vape?

I need a way to give clients CBD in a socket vape for seizures and anxiety and cant have them inhaling noxious fumes form the pen.

With regards to MCT as a dilutant this response from a major company is worth reading:

although I’ll still use unscented terpenes myself.


a lot of people have been huffing fractionated MCT in nicotine vape pens for many years. i havent seen any real research to show its as harmful as i keep hearing.


Sounds like the logic doctors used when they recommended lucky strikes


I always thought was from low temps, like only releasing the violitile terps from low heat only…
…my evolve plus w double quartz for wax will do this with terpy live sugar sauce… And good tasty carts always do this to me…

Only say this bc straight Tru terps in nail or vape do this Everytime

Someone suggested I cut my extractor w it for pens…I highly don’t recommend over one drop per gram and ur nose still gonna tingle…

It took 10 per gram to cut it… good god can you imagine how my :nose: felt after that!!!


I’ve dabbed distilled cannabis terpenes several times at different temps and never experienced it, which is part of what made me wonder if it’s the carts.

I’ve never tried dabbing any other kind of terpenes other than lab synthesized terpinolene once, no kind of sensation or reaction, didn’t taste how it smelled though.


I’ve gone through a lot of these tests. Curious how you are getting carts with 8-12% dilution w/out them being harsh.

I find even 7% can make me cough when taking big drags. Moving down to 4-6% with good carts now.


Which brand of terpenes are you using?
The Carts that i have 10% terpenes in are my Steam Distilled Terpenes, its much smoother than food grade ones that only have like 12 terpenes in the mix. The ones from True terpenes i do 7 or 8%, only my older partner (over 60 yrs old) sneezes when we go over 8% on the true terpenes branded blends. I have a customer that is over 70 years old and isnt affected by the increase in terpenes, in fact none of my customers have complained about harshness or sneezing so far, but those have all been at the 7% range.


I am using Floraplex terps. I must be weak sauce. I am looking at running 4-6% in ccells.


Oh as far as coughing, ive tried it raw and with a bunch of different blends, i cough no matter what when i take a huge drag. I didnt really notice a difference when i do really big draws. Personally, im just looking for enough taste, so on the food grade ones they all get too pine tasting when i go too high. The cannabis derived just taste better and better as u do more but they are damn expensive, almost making it the most expensive ingredient


I just made a batch that does this.
Used 90% cbd distillate (82% cbd) and 10% botanical terps. I was using 2% terps but upon researching here it seemed 10% was okay.
But my results were a very harsh hit on the throat and the runny/itchy nose. Felt like it cleared my sinuses. I’m also using a CCell glass cart .5ml
I only mixed for about ten minutes with a magnetic stirrer with hot plate.


I do 4-6% and some times I still think that is harsh. I find that even CCells can clog at the end of a cart when using 4% and a non-button type battery, so I am now trying 6.


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I’ll try a lower amount of terps tomorrow :slight_smile:


Are you only using distillate and botanical terps for your carts?


Yeah, and as little terps as possible.


Hey I have some distillate that doesn’t recrystallize that’s perfect for carts if anyone is interested. Doesn’t need carrier oil/dilution


If you don’t mind me asking, how do you get your distillate to not crystallize? Is it a lower % of CBD? I’m using cbd distillate (82% cbd) and it crystallizes. I might get custom carts with 4mm holes/ports in attempt to use straight distillate in the carts.


I only do THC distillate. Legally licensed for that.


Legally licensed? Where can I get myself illegally licensed at?


Gotchya, thanks!


What % CBD? Thanks!