If I am using a 87% Cannabinoid distillate:

  1. How much MCT do I add by weight per gram?
  2. If I want to add terpines, which ones give a good flavor and how much by weight do I add to the MCT Distillate mix?
    I have been searching for a good formulation for personal use?

Cartridge noobie

why use mct?
8-12% terpene concentration is a good ratio.


8-12% terps is crazy high and will lead to harsh feeling on the throat when vaped. 5-6% should be your ceiling. We’ve gotten our distillate pretty clean and deodorized and we are only adding 0.5%-1.5% terps depending on the flavor.


Yeah we are in the 3-5% range currently and see no need for any further dilution. Customers actually love how long our carts last vs others that finish up in fraction of the time. That goes a long way towards perceived value. That can be a useful marketing angle.


thats crazy, standard last year was 5-10%. Recently seen alot people put 12% in their cartridges and are satisfied. How are you getting away with 1.5% terps that seems like so little. My carts are 8-10% terpenes and take atleast an hour for the liquid to move when flipped upside down. Its not really a matter of dilution for me, its a matter of having a very tasty cart that still gets you soaring.
The live resin carts you see floating around are testing in at 12%+ terpenes and i dont think those are too high, incredibly good flavor.
I havent noticed any harsher feeling when increasing terpene content, are you using food grade or cannabis derived terpenes? i use cannabis derived terpenes.
The only bad side effects ive noticed with higher terpene concentration is that it makes you sneeze.


Yes, cannabis derived terpenes is 10-20%. I’m just getting into mixing sauce/live resin with distillate for carts, its about 20% makes a good flavor. But cannabis terpenes are more dilute, even in a steam distilled essential oil extract. We are using food grade organic terpenes at much lower percentages.


No one mentioned MCT. For a straight up Distillate MCT mix (no terps) what is the ratio of MCT to Distillate to get a good flow in the cart?


No one mentioned MCT. For a straight up Distillate MCT mix (no terps) what is the ratio of MCT to Distillate to get a good flow in the cart?


Ive heard carts while back thing it was bhang that were doing 50/50 but i think that was shatter and mct


I think i wpuld skip the mct thpugh pretty sure ive heard bad thongs about vaping coconut oil especially at higher temps…maybe some vets can tell me if im wrong


I would agree with you there. Given our options today with the availability of relatively inexpensive botanical terps and the small amounts needed for good flow there really isn’t any need to pursue other options. I am only aware of a couple manufacturers in CO still using MCT and they get shunned by many stores as a result. If others are still using it they are being tight-lipped about it. In contrast I prefer to be as transparent as possible with our partners at the retail level and take every opportunity to educate them about the differences between cannabis-based and botanically-derived terpenes. It’s surprising how a little honesty goes a long way in this industry. We still like cannabis-based terps of course but we let them know how the extraction impacts cost and let them decide which path to take.


I’m pretty sure Bhang is CO2 extracts


Bhang had an all “organic” or “natural” or whatever they marketed it as and it was a 5050 cocount oil n cannabis oil


Your right though they are definately c02


@garhundel Skip the MCT use in general, but if your looking for it to burn better with different hardware you can use up to thirty percent dilution. Even though it is “medium chain triglycerides” and should be able to pass through the cells in your lung, its just a fraction of coconut oil and we all know not all fractions are the same especially on commercial scale. Skip it or use very little for viscosity only.


Is mct a better option than say pg/vg blend?

Has anyone tried squalene as a diluent?


dude dont use MCT is what we are saying. For many reasons


Bhang sucks


Any real reason other than they used MCT?


@levitated @Mark1up Wanna say they had pesticides in there shit too but so did/do a lot of other companies