I’ve read and was told peg400 turns into foremaldeheyde. Reason why I dont use peg, but mct now


Ive read the same but also heatd bad abouy vaping mct especially at higher temps


Winterize ur extract and use terpenese…a better cart will help


Im having a issue where Im getting a running or itchy nose when hitting the cart after a few hits. Typically leads to people sneezing. Im running a 4.5% Terp Ratio with 10% Diluent.

Im also using a CCELL atomizer and using hot dog water as my base. mixing time has been 1 hour with magnetic stirrer.

appreciate any comments or feedback


Terpenes tend to give this sensation,the tingle In the nose…esp if u know ur extract is clean


what is hot dog water exactly? I keep hearing it referenced but haven’t found a great explanation…


thc distillate=hotdog water (as some call it)


That’s blasphemy calling distillate hot-dog water.


All is vape/smoke is distillate and extracts.


Hey, I dont call it that…just defining the term!:sunglasses:


Don’t use MCT… not only will it mask some of the terp flavor, but it is also bad to smoke given its link to lipid pneumonia. Use viscosity, its an odorless, flavorless terpene diluent. Id say a few routes to flavor would be:

6-7% botanical terps and 5-10% viscosity diluent (best bang for your buck and repeatability in flavor)


10-12% cannabis terps with 5-10% viscosity diluent (most expensive way terp wise, less repeatability but pure cannabis terp blends are admired)


10-12% cannabis terps with 2-3% botanical terps and 3-5% viscosity diluent (best way to enhance your cannabis terps and make them bright and well rounded with a little more repeatability)

All these recipes can be modified a percent or two here and there to make your ideal mix.

I definitely understand your desire to dilute a little further than just using terps, Not only does your oil go farther, but it wicks better in the cart and produces large clouds.

heres a link to the diluent, they also sell terps. =)

Rosin Carts?!?

Is viscosity harsh at all? I have found that botanical terps extracts have residuals. If it’s not the terps that are harsh, then maybe it’s the residuals from the botanical extraction.

Either way, I find that even 8% addition of terps to be harsh


Has anyone tried dabbing these vape cart mixtures they’re making?

In my experience, even up to 15% cannabis derived terpenes is as smooth as can be out of a dab rig. However, put that same exact stuff in a cart and it’ll make me sneeze almost every time I blow any of it out my nose.

Edit: Reason I ask is that I read a study involving metal oxides being released by a vast majority of common brand vape carts. Makes me wonder if it’s the oxides as opposed to terpenes/additives causing the reactions.


I have noticed this as well, I would often taste the formulations when I was formulating a new recipe. Its that weird nose burn right?


Yeah, starts out that way, turns into a sneeze. I’ve seen it happen to at least 15 different people.


This is the exact reason i refuse to smoke the vape cartridges on the market. Every single time i smoke them and blow them out my nose i get a tickle and then a sneeze. Even ones i make myself with canna terps from my live resin. I feel its the heating element in some of these vape pens.

It doesnt only happen when i vape distillate vape pens but also sometimes in electric dab pens like "this thing rips and similar pens.

Im just addicted to the rig i guess.


It’s an interesting phenomena that seems to happen to some people but not everyone. My scientific curiosity is piqued now though as to the true cause. I have heard if from a handful of people as well.


As for botanical derived terps, there have been test results posted on the forums that show they have residuals. So just by adding these terps, adds small amounts of solvents used to extract the botanicals.

Nothing like taking a product that has no detectable solvents, then adding “terps” with residuals back in, and calling it “solventless.”


I would imagine one could hotplate the terps that have alcohol in them. On the other hand, the terps in the formulation that have similar boiling points would be lost as well…

Beyond that, some terpenes can be accidentally quantified as an alcohol because of their structure.

Some people intentionally vape alcohol… Shrug.


is it possible thats caused by free radicals?


From what I know about free radicals they generally cause an oxidative process to cells. So, if your body was aware that the unstable molecules were present, and was trying to eject the molecules from your sinuses, sure, I’m not sure if that’s possible though.