Cartridge information

There are many variables to making cartridges so all information is welcome. This is what I have learned starting with the less desirable in the beginning.

Non canna cutting agents- Let’s just agree NO!

Non canna terps are best to be used starting at a 4.5% ratio of terps to start with. This may be enough for some flavors. But let’s be honest nobody wants that stuff anymore. It sucks.

Now for the goods.

Cartridges. Stainless and glass or quartz tube with vertical ceramic are best. Top airflow leak less, but bottom airflow are fast catching up. Currently I would recommend Itsuwa V16 or V12, Ygreen SC1 or SC1+

When it comes to makeup and flavor there are many options. Most customers tend to want a “full spectrum” high. Pure thca tends to mostly give just a head high and will burn quick. The mixtures that work the best tend to have the best response have thca distillate, HTE, and purged extract. Some people prefer purged extract only. Purged extract has a lot of flavor and will burn slower. It will ass a body high too. HTE makes the flavor better. A few mixtures I prefer are
20% HTE 60% distillate 20% purged extract
20% HTE 80% distillate
10% HTE 50% distillate 40% purged extract

Above mixtures are the three separate ratios that have been adopted by various companies. As these % were of my own intellect and as I signed no NDA and was never paid more than the sample of the product I hereby provide my intellectual property as free and open source materials.


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The S6xth Sense Rabbi cartridge is another good choice for pure oils.

Jupiter Research CCELL are great!


I’ve even found that done “knock off” ccells perform just as well as the real ones at half the cost


Which knockoff supplier. There’s a few.



Experimenting around I was actually pretty surprised with the ccells performance running at 8w with pure distillate.


Can you decarb the HC portion instead of using distillate?

It may crystallize. Slabs tend to batter up with heat. Oxygen and heat do all sorts of crazy rearranging. I wouldn’t know if 8 or 9, THC or CB or CG etc. Should it work? Yes. Do I know what results you will get? No.

Thank you for getting back to me! Im going to try a 60% purged live resin/ 40% decarb live resin . I will post on the results asap. What temp do you prefer mixing these ratios at?

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I agree with this. 100%


No need for decarb unless you’re looking for rearrangement. Just heat until able to spin just before vortex. Room temp, jar size, and volume of what your doing will effect it. Once the lumps are out you’re ready to go. Start low and slowly increase as needed. About 110-120F usually will get it good enough to fill.

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Tried the 60:40 and ended up decent. Solid taste but I know it could be better.

Will the cartridge remain a clear yellow or will it cloud with micro crystalline? Currently working with Jupiter cart/battery. Just want a true live resin pen.

great thread…


If it’s opaque it will seed out. If it’s clear you’ll smoke it to the end without need to melt it down to finish. If you want the live resin flavor add 10-20% HTE to 80-90% live resin. That will get the “live resin” most companies are pushing out. That’s your flavor. Distillate is the base, purged extract extends the burn rate and adds body high, and HTE is flavor. You can go straight purged extract but it won’t taste like a saucy dab. It’s like live resin three years ago. Hope this clears it up a bit for you.


It does indeed!! Thank you so much for the knowledge. I will put these to the test today. If i go straight live resin purged extract, will the THC-A crystalline melt at the 110-120F you recommended on a heated stirrer? Sorry for so many questions. I have been working on the right live resin pen for ever. Just want to avoid using distillate and go pure live resin.

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Can you define the difference between HTE and purged extract?


The are a bunch of decent companies. I would suggest ordering samples off of Alibaba and testing the shit out of them for yourself.


HTE is terp later from sauce. Purged extract is not crystallized out.

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Is HTE the liquid in “sauce”? (not the diamonds)

What are the best non canna cutting agents and non canna terps? I’m sure the mixes you posted are the best quality and flavor but are at a higher cost to the consumer. In my experience a lot of people outside of California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are more concerned with a decent product at a great value rather than the best product for necessary price. If you’re gonna make distillate hot dog carts for the low what’s the best approach?

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