Can i dump my waste streams down the drain?

Honestly today I’m pissed off enough to say this.

@Photon_noir I have cleaned up your non-compliant messes across the state of CA for D8 conversion labs you have instructed using your SOP’s that have been shut down/raided by various government entities. (DEA, CA-DOJ, HHS-OIG, etc…)

These sites were DUMPING HEXANE/HEPTANE W/PTSA in it down a storm drain leading to the pacific ocean.

You are lucky I am not a snitch.

Anyone who supports these actions is a douche bag, and their souls will be going to a lower place once they leave earth.

You were warned @Photon_noir.

Stay away from this forum unless you want me to call you out on even more ridiculous shit I have seen sponsored/setup using your instructions.


Can’t wait for the response to that accusation……:joy::rofl::joy:



it’s just not Sunday without some shit stirred up

it’s like the Jerry Springer equivalent of hash church here


I thought this sponsored thread was over but I guess bad publicity is better than no publicity……



This guy fast walked away from me the last time I saw him at an expo.

Long beach cannabis science expo.

I had clients I dug out of federal/state violation accusations there, WITH ME, waiting to confront him.


sheesh, and you seem like such a nice guy…

where in his SOP does it say “discard waste solvent down storm drain”?

I certainly don’t see those instructions in the version I’ve got.


They told me he did not provide ANY water cleaning/remediation procedures.

They were told to HAZMAT dump the solution.

HAZMAT refused the product due to the PTSA contamination.

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…and so they dumped it down the storm drain and it’s HIS fault?!?

not sure I understand the logic there.


It’s called a fiduciary duty. Yes he is responsible.

Have you ever operated as a consultant outside the Cannabis industry?

Does a gardener leave his mess in your lawn when his job is done?

Providing a method to produce a product, but the method is incomplete with how to eliminate the highly toxic waste product.

No other industry can operate like this.

consultant: “Dispose of this properly”.

client: “nah, too expensive. I’ll just throw it in the storm drain and say it was your idea”.

ahj: “umm, you can’t do that here…”

consultant #2: “you should let them off, they got bad advice from the guy that said this needed to be disposed of as hazardous waste”.

yeah, don’t see it.


Feels like it would be “the business owners” responsibility to find an appropriate solution to the problem, other than the drain.


I promise I’m gonna split this topic off so it doesn’t get lost in the advertisement. This is a good one




Consumer safety is part of any basic fiduciary duty.

HHS-OIG only gets involved once safety of the public/consumer is within question, in a mass scale.

Usage of PTSA for conversions is questionable.
Do any research to see what the unknown peaks on the chromatograph are and you’ll see what I mean.

“Office of Inspector General (OIG) has been at the forefront of the Nation’s efforts to fight waste, fraud and abuse and to improving the efficiency of Medicare, Medicaid and more than 100 other Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) programs .”

These raids in the past 2 weeks in CA could be ground breaking with how they handle the information/evidence that was collected.
I am very interested to see what plays out, if anything does.

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When I sell you a machine. A CLS, or a ETOH system. Cleanup, repairs, maintenance, and emergency procedures HAVE to be part of the courses I include with my services.

Otherwise the state, the DCC, OLCC, etc… Will call me up and ask me why I am selling equipment used in an official matter, without complete operational procedures taught.

The same way you cannot buy a firearm without completing a proficiency course taught by a qualified instructor.

This is stupid. I can believe people are asking me why @Photon_noir would be responsible for waste products/streams his clients create using his processes. Don’t teach an incomplete process. And refer your clients to just HAZMAT dispose of the waste stream. That’s not an ethical or reliably feasible method of waste disposal. HAZMAT refused disposal once they learned of the contents of the waste drums/totes in numerous circumstances.

Don’t teach people shit if it’s going to cause them to produce a waste product they need special education/instructions for to handle.
Especially if you have 0 knowledge on how to handle remediation of those waste products.

You are endangering the safety of the general consensus/population of the USA & World, AS A WHOLE.

And don’t fucking tell me dilution is the solution.

Were in 2022, we know what green house gasses, chemical pollution, and carbon outputs lead to.

Stop teaching methods that are causing damage to our society, unless you have a reliable method of remediation for the toxic byproducts produced using your methods. Referring to a 3rd party to handle the waste products is not a usable excuse.


20% off is not anywhere near close enough.

If I am buying a car. Would I want to pay 20% more?

Do you want gas that costs $4.80/gal or 3.84/gal?
That’s a 20% difference. Adds up real quick for consumables.

2022 is the year lots of forum members loose their preferential notoriety.

This is not a gold rush any more.

It is an industry going through the industrial revolution as we speak, & processes/costs are being watched/audited with an eagles eye.


Just popping in to say I legally own guns and never took any classes or anything :metal: 'merica

I can also carry every gun I own, open or concealed, without permits here


Jealous of you!

I don’t even know what you look like, @Cannachem , so I don’t think what you are saying about me avoiding you at a conference is true. I don’t recall avoiding anyone at any conferences, in fact. I am not here to argue with you or anyone else.
Although I cannot confirm or deny who any of my old clients were, I can say that I haven’t consulted with anyone on D8 in at least a couple of years, and I’ve never heard about any of these issues from any of them. It makes me sad to hear of people polluting, but I have never advised anyone to do so. I provide as much information as I can about proper disposal of wastes.


We were hanging out at the last MJBiz. Constantly.
We had dinner together, as well lmfaooo.

Did you forget me the same way WillyBilly did?

This shits comical. But I need to go spend some time with my family now.


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