Calling Pro Delta 8 THC, CBN, Psychoactives Kentucky Business owners

Good Morning Everyone,

We need some help, we are currently lobbying against SB 170 in the Kentucky senate… It is moving quite quickly as session has limited time, I need help from anyone that has an interest in the hemp derived cannabinoid market in Kentucky to contact me to help me get this thing shot down. The only real play left is an economic play.

Here are the details:

Here are a few high/low points from the senate committee on agriculture regarding SB170.

-Hornback is concerned about public safety and children’s safety in regard to the way Delta 8 is presently sold and extracted.

  • The Chairman of Agriculture supports SB 170. He cited that Biden’s US secretary of agriculture endorsed the regulatory aspects of hemp nationwide. But, now lawmakers are in a dispute about a substance that did not exist until now - Delta 8. He states that even recreational drug states like Colorado and Massachusetts have banned this product.

The Chairman of Agriculture also cites a document from the FDA: 5 things to know about Delta 8.

  1. Delta 8 has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA and is marketed in a way that puts the public at risk.
  2. The FDA has received adverse event reports regarding Delta 8.
  3. Delta 8 has potentially harmful psychoactive and intoxicating effects.
  4. Delta 8 is likely manufactured and made with harmful chemicals.
  5. Children are at a great health risk if they consume this product.
  • A lawsuit was filed against the department of agriculture and the KY state police last year. 3 plaintiffs accused those two agencies of misinterpreting state law. By adopting language on the definition of hemp, KY legalized intoxicating cannabinoids.

-Key excerpt from the judge’s opinion- SB 170 will resolve the statutory ambiguity and make it so that intoxicating substances are not legal.

Opposition: Katie Moyer states that SB 170 would ban the sale of delta 8, which is a naturally occurring compound derived from CBD. Currently it is legal. Its legality is recognized by the DEA. She states that Delta 8 is legal under current federal law and cites that the state’s current hemp policy is to promote the hemp industry. Hundreds of farmers have invested major money into this industry, if passed SB 170 would harm both rural farmers and small businesses.

She also points out that KDA could not substantiate the claims of problematic manufacturing of Delta 8.

She states that the bill is premature and calls instead for measures to regulate the product.

Hornbach states that hemp was never intended to be a hallucinogenic product, but also concedes that he does not intend for the bill to harm small businesses.

Sb 170 passed with favorable consent.

If you want to sign our petition just to help out that would also be great,
Really appreciate everyone!


Shared it to my sub, I’ll sign later on


Thank you sir!

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He’s delusional —Mass hasn’t even come close to banning Delta 8.

More than happy to help sign!


@kcalabs and any other Kentucky people!


Wow, that came out of nowhere! ty for the share


We are in the trenches heavily, so we are getting daily updates.


I’ve got a few Google search queries I try and do weekly

“Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol”

yields a lot of useful info


Keep me updated on these if you could, I have to start working on Illinois next.


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This is a solid episode about activism in the Midwest and Southeast. At about minute mark 30 you’ve got DeeDee Taylor from Kentucky. She gives her contact info. She and her group are extremely active. You guys should get together. I’ll contact her about this thread as well.

@502Hemp your episode

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I’m summoning DeeDee Taylor from 502 hemp and the Kentucky Hemp Association. They started the lawsuit.

You can find her on IG @502HEMP

Edit: DeeDee just joined the forum @502Hemp . I think it takes a day before you can post or even DM?

Getting on touch with her might be faster on IG. Edit: sent a DM intro on IG.


Thank you @Sidco_Cat !

@DerekFromKY What do you mean?


Just got off the line with my good friend Tate Hall. He’s been very involved with the KYHIA and now is working with the KYHA (same team just different name)

They have spent about $35k in courts fighting this already and won a preliminary injunction against the KY department of agriculture.

This seems to have slowed the “raids” of stores down there which from July to August may have been close to 1.5 million in product seized

He’s compiling a list of people we can start calling to express our concerns. The thing that’s screwy is it’s not just about d8, I believe there’s verbage for thcv, thco, cbn, and CBC

If this goes down in KY without pushback it’s possible other states around will follow suit which could put a ton of people of buisness.

Tate gave me to okay to include his contact info here as well as the info for the president of the KYHA, her name is Katie Moyer

Feel free to call them and get more info on this. I’m sure my game of telephone lost some details in translation.

Once I get more information I’ll post updates here for everyone. Seems like the most impactful thing we can do is spend some time dialing some people in suits and donations will also be a big help :call_me_hand:

Katie 270-305-4057
Tate 270-903-6267


It also removed any hemp that is over .001% Delta 8 THC.