Bucket Tek - Etoh - Shatter? Post processing

Hey everyone so I made a semi stable slab using etoh, temperature fluctuations and vacuum. I got about 20lbs of nugs I’m about to run and I have a fairly good idea of what I want to do but I’m not sure if it will make me stable slabs. So I’m reaching out!

I have 190 proof food grade etoh chilling on dry ice overnight - my biomass is freezing in dry ice as well. Before my pour I’ll empty 4lbs into a canvas bag - put the bag inside a frozen 5 gallon bucket (frozen with dry ice) and begin pouring 3-4 gallons of etoh over the material. I let this sit until the bottom stops draining then I squeeze out the remaining material into another 5 gallon bucket and I start filtering. First course is 20um filter paper - quick and easy. Second is a mix of t-41/AC. I’m following @TheLostBiologist method except instead of soaking the biomass I do a pour.

Then I hit the roto and concentrate the solution - once concentrated I weigh my flask to find the weight of solution and I add 10x etoh to material. Again this is just Thelostbiologist’s method minus soaking. I’m curious what people have done post and wash to get stable shatter or diamonds. I’m currently not in a position to be able to afford a Closed loop system. And I have a bunch of biomass I can basically Experiment with but I’m super new to ethanol extractions.

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For etho shatter no need to winterize
For diamonds probably not neccesary either
As for the roto make sure your max temp is 35C in the bath
And you will need to put the roto condensor as low as possible to lose as little solvent as posssible


Try covering it with parchment on both sides wait a day let it cure in between two parchment should effect consistency. Also use desiccants inside the vacuum oven /chamber. If you pump your purge with nitrogen you could have more success.


Hey everyone here’s some pics of my washed solution, then another one of the coarse filtration on the right and fine filtration on the left. Looks like water so I think I did it right :). My roto is broken and I’m waiting on the bottom condenser coil to be shipped in so when that happens I’ll concentrate it down and pour some slabs :).


That was wash #1… next pic is second wash which I let sit for 20min in 2 gallons of ethanol.


Is this 4 lbs of trim?

Nope it’s P.M infested outdoor nugs . A business partner of mine had a lawsuit that basically banned him from his field for the last two months of growth. No bueno

My bottom condenser coil finally came in the mail today so I’m gonna go roto it down and try a few different things. Shatter, sauce, etc

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So how much actual weight did you use for those two extractions?

I’m curious to see it I’ve never been able to rotovap ethanol without darkening the oil and even then it doesn’t ever get stable
Tips ?

I’ve moved on to thca :slight_smile: - I was producing shatter but not bho “shatter” it was pull n snap but wouldn’t break like glass. Had more of a puddy consistency. You could hold it in your hands stable - but it wouldn’t take on the same consistency of bho. I moved on to THCA instead of finding out how to make it glass. I was leaving it in the vac oven under 29.5 for a few days - flipping it every 6 hours or so.

Lower the BP to 30°C

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I don’t remember now bro

I run the roto from 22.5-30C typically at 29torr - my oil depending on what I put in is typically golden.

I run my roto at 60c and 120 to 140 torr.

Check this out for etoh extract and post processing. I’ve made hundreds of stable shatters using this method. I typically get concentrations in the low to mid 80s and a glass-like texture.


I learned from your tek :slight_smile: - would running it lower like i do result in less of a glassy like texture?