Bubble Bag Drumming Rig for Dry Sieve

Dry Sieve Drumming Rig :

Cut a food grade 5 gallon in half. Torching a knife works well. Be sure to sand it down to remove any residual plastic. Clean thoroughly with 70%-91% Isopropyl.

Put a 220 Micron All Mesh Bubble Bag/Sieving Bag over the bucket. Be sure to tie off with a better string to the rim of the bucket, rather than just trusting the fasteners on the sieving bag.

Then add your material and spread evenly.

After that put a 73 Micron All Mesh Bubble Bag/Sieving Bag or 25 Micron All Mesh Bubble Bag/Sieving Bag over the material, it’s a bit of a bitch to do but it’s worth the struggle.

Afterwards, make sure to tie off that top bag to near the rim as well and to not just trust the fasteners on the sieving bag.

After all that prep you place your drumming rig over a clean surface or parchment

PLAY THE DRUM :stuck_out_tongue: for 4-12 minutes.

Be sure to have the drum held down or hold it down and only bang it out with one hand or what I used was a rubber kitchen spatula.

Lift up and scrape your surface with a card…

Dry Sieve Hash. (=

This was a few days ago using a 160um bag under the material instead of a 220um bag.


This is from the 220um under the material.


Coolest tek you have posted Imo

I would most def use this if shtf and I had minimal resources.


Picture of the drumming rig.


Ayyyyy they came in today

[ https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B075LN9V1L?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title ]


A buddy made something similar once. He cut the bottom out of a 2 gallon bucket, then glued an embroidery hoop in the bottom that contained the screen. Bouncing up and down on the screen is the most effective movement. I use a bucket with insect screen on the bottom to clean seeds.

If you want high grade melt from dry sift you’ll want to do a 10 second sift then collect, low yield but it’s almost all heads then you can rerun it for your weight.


Nice share!

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What micron?

This was dry sifted over a 170micron screen, was from a bulk run that was about 3/4lb of kief/sift total


One of the oldest sifting teks, i can still hear the drums echoing throughout the riff


Perfect size for the drumming rig. If you go bigger bucket you might need bigger mallet headed drumsticks both with a larger head and larger length. But those are 15" long and the head is around 1" diameter (I didn’t measure) and as long as you disinfect the rubber mallet heads you’re good to go. But yeah, those drum sticks totally work

Edit: Pic of drum head on sieve bag.

Was wondering if someone ever tried to replicate the “Moroccan” method.


And you bet your ass you can press that dry sieve hash into bricks.

I used my t-shirt press that’s a seven gram brick I cut. That’s a grade 2 brick the grade ones looked so much better.

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Loving the bubble bag drum tek.


Awesome , low tek, doesn’t use electricity,
I like it


I use a stainless steel bench knife from dollar tree to scrape it all together. Fuck using cards.

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If you want to use something electrical don’t use a standard Hitachi Massager or a dildo. Use a high powered massage gun. It’s bullshit how well it actually works.

This one has 4 speeds.


Nice tek, heres some purified sift ive been working on.


Not sure if this would be ideal or overkill but we make a bucket sieve that is cheap(ish) and may help.

It wraps over a standard 5-gallon bucket and vibrates at different frequencies. We made it for wet sieving but don’t see why it can’t help on dry. We have electric and pneumatic. Suppose it’s better than beating your drum, or not. Pun intended.

Bucket Agitator