Botanically derived Vitamin E not the same as Vitamin E acetate?

Heres a statement from the company who claims to be the originator of vaping Vitamin E.

They site several papers

Which basically asserts that some forms of Vitamin E are safe to vape, but some are not.

I don’t have time to fully review this, but it is probably worth some digging


8 Isomers… good luck!

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…Maybe they were already fractionating/isolating :man_shrugging: tests will tell.

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So they are implying that a study encompassing upwards of 50 people is enough to claim it’s kosher?

Each piece of new info somehow is even juicier than before. Interesting shtuff.


Try Gold Coast Terpenes optimizer. Not made with any type of vitamin e! Virtually tasteless flavorless. And its naturally present in cannabis!

man, how insane are you people?

people are sick of the secret recipes…either tell people explicitly what it is or retreat away from the forums. It’s a horrible look.


They didn’t stop use of it after this study. Those guys have been selling vapes cut with vitamin E for almost half a decade out a medical dispensary and have had closer to 6,000 patients smoke it not just the 50 you see in this study.


ah makes more sense then, thanks.

We use botanically derived Squalene! We released this information about 3 months ago here on



touche! I actually remember that…my bad. Working and foruming at the same time.

I owe you a soft apology! lol


I believe I have a bottle in my Terps bag.

Thank you for sharing

I don’t like the implication in the statement that its because one is “natural” and one is “synthetic” that’s baseless fear-mongering but I’ll look over the paper later.


“Now with ‘all natural’ datura extract! So you know its safe. Cuz it’s NaTuRaL!”


Alpha-Bisabolol is “Virtually” tasteless as well. I quoted it because every terpene i have purchased that supposedly is tasteless/scentless usually is not. I like this one cause it actually has a slightly sweet smell, great for the black market carts cause a large majority of those flavors are fruit,sweet, cereal , dessert flavors … These guys(The Perfumers Apprentice) were selling α-tocopherol on their site which was the “healthy” version but took it down to get ahead(and were selling liters for 350 and bulk for WAYYYY cheaper sorry honey cut buyers am i too late? :rofl:

MSDS/SDS are in the FAQ

You are going to get hydrolysis of the acetate. Inhaling vinegar is not great. I think we are pretty safe in saying Vit E Acetate is not the same and inferior to Vit E.

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the whole organic or natural thing is an obvious appeal to nature fallacy.

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Except Vit E Acetate is not Vit E. There are studies showing the efficacy of applying it to the skin because it hydrolyzes. To hopefully alpha-tocopherol and an acetate ion, or in the body or any aqueous environment acetic acid.

If the synthetic Vitamin E was exactly the same as the naturally derived one, I would agree. But Vitamin E (a-tocopherol) has like 8 isomers. It’s like making D8-THC from hemp and claiming that its exactly the same as D9.


I’m not a chemist, but I doubt it has to do with it being derived from plant or synthesized in a lab. I’d guess both isomers could be found naturally and synthesized in a lab… which is why appealing to it as safe because it’s natural is and always will be a fallacy. It’s not that one is natural and one isn’t, it’s that they are different isomers and apparently one is harmful and one isn’t.

And if d8 was poison, and d9 was harmless, that might be a fair comparison, but you’d also have to claim that because d8 was synthesized it’s less safe, as it was implied in the statement about naturally derived vit e.