Boof Oil? Or mistake Preppin?

Hey guys.

Iv been filling carts for a while now, living in a state up north where it’s not legalized nor can I find good disti. Iv has two suppliers in the past years. Iv always uses floraplex terps, adding only 5-8% terps. I recently changed supplier to someone that has a lab, which gave me confidence because I have seen the lab, etc. Saw lab results showing a very clean oil, but lab results can be from another oil, no way for me to now this.
I bought 4 liters from this guy and started filling pens, giving out carts, and the complaints started happening. Customers saying that this batch was way way softer than the last batches. Some saying it doesn’t get them high. When I complained to my new guy, he told me to eat 0.2ml of his disti, to try it. Well I did and it got me pretty high, for an entire day. Gave some to my wife, she ate 0.4, she was crazy high, like bad trip high of so much he ate lol. My dog even ate a small drop that fell To the floor by accident and he had a blast as well haha. The supplier says if it wasn’t good oil, it wouldn’t even hit me the way it did with 0.2 - 0.4. Another difference I feel from the last batch is That It is very very soft to rip, doesn’t make me cough like the last one did. And not that raspy cough, but that lung expanding feeling cough that I got before, which I get with good flower too. To this complaint, the guy responds that his oil is cat 3 very clean so maybe customers were used to unregulated oil I got before which gave them those effects. He offered lower grade oil too.

I tried myself pens I had left from last batch and I do feel it gets me higher, and it’s impossible for me to rip a good drag like I can do with the new oil, with no lung expanding feeling or coughing, which I know Is a good thing, but to what point, considering the rest of the info.

First I wanna ask your experts opinions on his answers, because I need to get more disti and I’m questioning of whether the oil is sh*t, or I messed up some prepping. Or that the terps went bad.

My hot plate never goes above 60, I heat up the jars on one of these rice cookers with steam, and heat gun is also never above 65. He even said that maybe I burnt the thc with My prepping because I told him that for one tray of carts, I could hear the gun bubbling or gurgling as if the oil and terps Were boiling. This was very strange and has never happens to me, but it only happened with blue dream terp from floraplex.

Where I live I can’t test the oil so that is out of the question. Really wanna figure this out because due to my location, and shopping logistics, it’s really hard for me to find and good and trustworthy connect.

The color and smell of the oil is great. Consistency is good. What do u guys think? Any one can help?

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Possible it could be delta 8?


Maybe there’s a population of d8 in there from some distillation mishap like breaching of acidic clays or adsorbents. You wouldn’t be able to tell by eating it bc 200mg of d8 will still get you lit.


@Tom @NewLevelProcess thanks for the quick a answer. This guy even told me that lots of people were converting d8 to d9 so to watch out lol. Is there anyway I can try or failsafe to know if it’s d8 instead of d9? Testing aside


Did you get super munchies when you ate it

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Not super munchies, not more than the usual

so your “guy” is either a idiot or a liar…(can’t rule out “both”).

you can convert CBD to D9 or D8, you can convert D9 to D8, but nobody out there is running D8 back to D9.

I’m not familiar enough with the chemistry to say it can’t be done, and given the number of ways that have been offered up for Carboxylation - Adding the "a" back to THC, I’m not willing to go out on that limb, but even if folks were making D8 into D9, it would be D9…

folks are certainly selling D8 as D9…and D8 will not get you as high as D9.

I suggest you take up TLC, and use a kit to get you going.


if it’s not as effective as you expect, and it’s been distilled, there is always the possibility that some portion has been converted to Delta 10 THC

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Do these kits even work? I was looking at the tcheck but all reviews of home testing are bad

Yes TLC works. Cannatest was doing state mandated testing in WA using TLC for a number of years. their gear fit in a 12"x12" box on the back of a motorcycle.

Tcheck is not TLC. reviews for other “at home” methods are not relevant to TLC unless they are actually reviewing TLC.

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That’s exactly what I was going to say. If I’m told correctly delta 8 still converts when you ingest it so his “try eating some” test may have been him knowingly taking advantage of that. Delta 8 is pretty much the new cutting agent for slabs and carts because of how cheap it’s getting. This will be what gets it banned

Is the oil lighter than usual?

Wait… this guy told you to eat .2?? .05 should get you high as fuck.

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I need that much to feel anything personally. Even then it’s barely noticeable.

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definitely sounds like isomers. d8/d10. maybe a nice mix of all.

somebody with an HPLC help this man out. i bet there is a hemp lab around you that is chill and will run a sample for you.


Lighter in color? Not particularly. Here’s a pic Uploading: 20200629_134230.jpg… Uploading: 20200629_134218.jpg…

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I thought we were boofin dabs in this thread? I’m disappointed…


Patience grasshopper.

You have to wait for the images to upload before you finalize your post.


Zackly. .2=160mg of 80% d8/9 - that’d knock the dick off most people

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I’m going to go with this guy got scammed and the guy who scammed him knew. Never in my life would I tell someone to take .2gs and eat it to confirm it’s good shit. I would have taken the product back/paid to have it tested in front of them.


Before eating it I did some “research” and found a bunch of people who need twice as much to feel something

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