bho extracting with cls and dry ice sleeve


Just wanting to make sure Im following exactly because im having similar issues So what your suggesting is that

  • cryo solvent
  • just dry ice in dewax sleeve
  • collection pot in cryo slury
  • run straight through no soaking
  • N2 to push remaining solvent through


Yes but I would n2 push to my solvent tank from the beginning, more push less saturation time… That’s what I’m going for although I never even have had chance to use my n2 yet…When material properly frozen(dry ice) will work better too. And I really don’t have problem like this now , don’t over pack, if ur using small micron filter it’s gonna take time, wait till you think gone then give another bump to head tank again…

And DONT slack on dry ice slurry…get ur liquid almost to top,and it’s not technically ready til the dry ice doesn’t react to the slurry, u even cover the lid w dry ice and am loading dry ice back and forth a good bit

and you technically don’t need the jacket unless making diamonds…(and I save Tons dry ice too). Just go fast!

Push dry ice slurry cold solvent w n2 straight into the tank…



Here’s how I passively run…I Freeze packet column, and freeze your solvent tank!..when froze I pack the jacket with dry ice…add to system and pull a vac…add rubbing alcohol to dry ice jacket. Let sit for a few mins…(I do 10-15mins) then attach lines and solvent tank. I pull a quick vac to get out the air in the line to the tank. Flood the material column! About 1.5-2lbs of solvent per pound of material will fit in the colum. Then I soak 45mins to an hour! Dumping into the dewax column. I then top off the material column with dry ice. (Having a dewax column on cryo, pulls all the pressure and solvent down to it!) then I re flood the material column and soak again! After about 3 hours you will see pressure at a point where you can use it to assist the push! Also have your solvent tank on dry ice attached to the collection pot! When you drop to the collection pot you won’t have any back pressure! And you don’t have to put you me collection pot on ice!

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Question if my recovery tank is 12x16 and I’m using 60/20/20 mix how much gas can I fill tank with ? I was told a 12x 24 holds 40 lbs ? My pressure gauge is at around 100inhg when filled at 20 lbs



That could just be head pressure. Is it being chilled while your distilling



Yes while I distill I have a coil after pump before recovery tank. My question is how much can I fill? I have a 150 pressure valve and I wanna say tank is rated at 250. I have filled it up to 30 lbs before but then was told that it was dangerous so I backed off but I have. 6x 36 column and I know that holds 18lbs I just wanna figure out how long can I really go for with out having to distill



There is a calculator on best value website. You gonna have to do some math as you have a gas mixture but you can figure it out.



If calculating doesn t work out make sure that at room temperature the tank is not filled with more than 80% Liquid
At room temperature!!!



Been a minute since I read this, I got the flow a bit better how ever I have to limit material due to three stage filters. I want to learn more about pushing nitrogen through it or hot air. I haven’t looked into it yet… thanks again for the assistance

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Use Nitrogen or CO2 but better not to use air O2 or a warmed up solvent tank



This is exactly why I really this site, a lot of people just come up with stuff.