bho extracting with cls and dry ice sleeve

I need some advice…

I just started using dry ice column and trying to figure out why is there so much butane in my column? is it trapped in the material?
my warm bath temp is 82f am i making it darker by burning ?
im using wire mesh filter with coffee filter in between material and screen. using cm pump to recover What are my hi/low levels on gauge suppose to be ?
ive ran this set up for a while except i recently replaced column with dry ice sleeve column.

thank you for the help

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When things are colder they don’t move as quickly. Molecular activity slows down. Pressure drops. You’ll need to use an inert gas such as nitrogen to push solvent through, and ideally, a recovery pump like a Haskel EXT-420-2 that can recover quickly AND pull your column into a vacuum to help recover as much solvent as possible.

I’d suggest using better filtration.

Can’t comment on what your pressure “should be” or what “hi/low” means.

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btw thanks for the reply

I am using a cmep-oL pump for recovery, my material is fresh dry trim from top shelf flower placed in freezer right after trim. ive ran out door trim before and it was lighter than what i am getting now. as far as high low i meant my in out pressure gauges, i know i should service my pump by replacing gaskets but wasnt sure if my pump just had a low suction due to it leaking or full of go

Do You have a vacuum chamber ?
Conect your pump and throw in empty ziplock bag ( skyhigler in tricks of the trade tread )
Pull vacuum If bag has completly expanded the pump is not your problem
Your receiving tank should also be at a lower temp then your materiaal tube
To avoid vapor lock

I’ve been getting runs to come out dark because of residual chlorophyll and impurities from my lower grade “crude runs” being trapped in my valves and hoses. No matter what I can’t seem to flush it out. Seems worth it to have a second set of equipment for high quality extracts


Do you ever just run your system empty to flush out the valves and hoses. I like to do this when distilling and drying out my gas sometimes.

If I’m running bunch of fresh frozen and I think my gas is still wet even after going threw the seive. Then I’ll run whole system empty just to give it a nice deep cleaning.

Sometimes I think it’s just gas too after crude runs. I’ll dump the tank of gas if I think there could have been a pesticide or something making my shit dark and start from scratch


Do you have molsieves? When did you last regenerate them? Water in your solvent might cause you to pull more color. It might also contribute to your flow problems.

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I think I’d have to flush with another solvent that’s more polar

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This is how I keep my valves and stuff clean. Has always worked for me this way.


Not sure if you need something that drastic usually the pressure is controlled via thermal changes. I.E. opening the dump valve and adding just a small amount of warm water to the dry ice will usually induce pressure helping the flow of the bho down to the collection pot. Warmth expands the solvent, most of the time I usually don’t even need to use my recovery pump until I have about 1lb left to recover.

I do, I have a 50 pound barrel so I switch them out every so often. I’ve done 3 runs so far on the new.

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I have not except when I am eliminating the mystery oil from new tane. I was wondering if it could be the tane that’s wet or dirty, I just refilled my tank with over 14 out of 30 lbs with new gas so I would like to think the gas in my tank is fairly clean.

I do a clean in place with butane, It works a treat, cleans the entire thing out.


Hey thanks, I do I replaced them today with fresh beads. I also distilled bho and refilled my tank today so I hoe next run is better- super fresh material so I assume it should be light, up post

Could be the growers pulled later hence more amber resin


Can’t you wait for all the dry ice to dissipate and then pour warm water down the sleeve and recovery it thru the base? Or is there still extracted material left behind that the nitrogen pushes out? Jw.

The n2 can move most of the liquid that isnt absorbed into the plant material. To get a full recovery the column is heated and the vapors scavanged from the top via a recovery pump.


So, I keep getting a hit or miss… I’ve ran a hand full of material In the past several weeks And I have had different results. This is going to be a bit,
I have changed decicent filters beads, I have distilled my bho, I have place my tank on ice, I have built pressure in my tank, I have done a flush, I have done a soak and release, I have ran fresh material, I did run some really bad material but have done all the above since, I have even stopped allowing the last of the tane in collection pot to not pour in the last of the wash and yet I have different results I have only had one good light run others fall into the amber side of spectrum. I have ran out door trim with no dry ice sleeve and have had lighter color I know it wasn’t dewaxed but it was def lighter. I washed older sugar from Said outdoor trim from two years ago that has seen better days, the Shatter went from cold to heat sitting in humid places dry places it even almost diamond up anyways I placed that in collection pot and ran tane into it washed it, recovered like normal and pour that back on a sheet and it looked the same as the fresh top shelf indoor trim from less that a week of drying.:man_shrugging: Loosing hope and the chance to keep working :man_facepalming:

So whats the problem? color? I can’t decipher exactally what your trying to ask.

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