bho extracting with cls and dry ice sleeve


how big is your extractor? wanna post some pics? if you get more detailed in your posts as per your operating procedures. Maybe some of us can see your problems and get you on the right path.


Yeah all I got was cmep, and 30# of solvent from reading the posts. Seems that color of the extract is the issue now. :coffee:


Dont most of the extraction companies offer free classes to their customers?

I think its the complex that everyone wants to go from a Miata to a Lamborghini. There are levels to this. Driving a Miata racecar and a Lamborghini racecar are two totally different animals. People are gonna laugh at this…

When i stated closed looping i was given 40lbs of trim. I literally ran all 40lbs threw a 1/4lb passive extractor. I learned to run 4x tubes a day which equaled a lb. I ran the extractor 2x a week for practically a whole year to grind my teeth.

Then i knew what i wanted in an extractor and upgraded to a 1lb unit. Ran that for 2 years, doing about the same. 4-5 tubes a day. Now i was running 5lbs a day once a month. Now i value my time and run 1-2x. 2.5lb runs over the last year or so and get done in a few hours.

I dont understand the people that buy these massive extractors and have absolutely no experience in extraction and think is gonna be easy to move 30lbs + of solvent. As some have suggested…sometimes its just cheaper to “buy a clue” by taking an extraction class rather than ruining thousands or even tens of thousands worth of material learning.

I really came to this forum to learn distillations with the intentions that CLS extraction was so easy that all the info is on the net, but the same questions and problems keep getting asked. I really thought most of these issues have been answered on the net at some point. Im glad i finally feel like i can help out here a bit and leave the more complicated things to you smart scientists.


Some have classes, or videos on youtube.
I will agree with you that some people just throw down all their cards in a do or die attempt of fly.
In my search for wisdom I learned from the good ol’ skunkpharm and made and ran a terpinator mk 3 from JD Ellis’s drawings. From there I designed and ran several extractors of my own design. I finally settled on a passive hybrid design, which I currenly operate. The key in running these machines is understanding the principals of operation, and all the “Rules”. If you can design and build the machine, you can run it!


all my extractors even the ones i use today are all built on the concepts and teachings of Mr. Ellis. That man i owe all my success to. Simple as that. Now i try to share all i can like he does


It’s pretty straight inline


This is before the ice column and I do have a desicent filter that is missing from pic


Yes, color is the issue now. I started reading about the flow issue and figured that out, but I cannot get away from dark amber slabs


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Alot of the color you get is influenced by the trim. Even my machines make brown goop when presented with the wrong material.
May I ask what your recovery heat is like? Just making sure your not cooking the extract.


New to this forum world. I am recovering at 72f. I’ve been reading about people soaking material for 2 hours then flushing to collection pot then I’ve also read about how soaking makes it darker. Will the lack of proper filter cause to darken? I was also told instead of an in-line set up as I have I should use a hose from material tube to collection pot as to create pressure and that will help


Just a thought… if you are having issues getting your gas through your new dewax column quickly, maybe its sitting too long and picking up undesirables? I would try putting your old column back on, run your gas cold and fast and see what happens…


You might try injecting solvent through a coil In a bath to prechill any solvent going into your material column. When you say fresh material are you running live resin? You have a mol seive ?
When was the last time it was regenerated if so?


how much did you pay for that 50lbs?
have you tested them to make sure they’re legit?
scuttlebutt says there are fakes out there.


I ran fresh frozen but instead of a slab I poured into jars to attempt diamonds :gem: so far that alone has been a rabbit hole lol. I just ran dry trim that was literally trimmed the day before from dry flower that was not sprayed with and pesticides or fungusieds but ended up with amber. The slabs smell and look like glass but just a bit darker than what is ideal for who I am running it for. I do need a second coil to place in between tank and column. Thanks for assisting, I know my writing is cringe worthy and I do have a sleeve and replaced the beads the day before the run after I distilled mystery oils out


From my experience the faster you get the gas through the column the better the quality will be. The colder the butane the better. Obviously yield will suffer, but the trade off was worth it for me. I started off soaking the column, quality was soso. Did some reading, started doing no soak and quality drastically improved. Granted this was with a non jacketed column and rudimentary setup very similar to yours. I would tottally try a run this way and compare quality/color. Leave the ball vavle open to your collection pot. Just let the gas run through…


If these things are just sitting in a barrel it is likely that they contain h20 from the atmosphere.These should be freshly regenerated before loading into the filterdryer.


I got the bulk from bhogart I would assume they are legit


They are in turkey bag style packaging but I will def bake ASAP either way


Whats your pressure like during injection? I would definatly add a coil on the inject side. I know you are replacing the beads, but are you regenerating them too? bake them on a cookie sheet, in a tin foil packet @ 420*f for 1.5 hours, place packet while still hot in vaccum oven and pull a vacuum.
Allow to cool under vacuum.
Watch out for dust coming off the seives in the vaccum oven.