bho extracting with cls and dry ice sleeve


I’m wondering if my whole issue is my recovery pump maybe it needs to be serviced and is not creating the vaccum I need which lends to slower flow which then brings unwanted waxes and lipids and the lack of filters to catch those waxes


Some material just doesnt turn out gold like we all want either… its very strain dependent in my opinion. Ive run tons of different trim, all stored the same, same harvest, some turns out beautiful yellow gold… some doesnt.


that’s a testable hypothesis.
assuming you’ve got a gauge.
have it suck on an empty pot. does it achieve vac?
have it push into an empty pot. does it pressurize?

NOTE: don’t leave it pushing too long. if that pump has a high pressure cuttoff, it’s probably in the 450psi range. which your collection pot is almost certainly not rated for.


I’ve been bashing my head trying to figure it out- so my idea was to be running through a lot of material as I was used to but all of a sudden I’m gettin small batch indoor material so my colum is not filled to max would that make a difference? Even if the column is not full I still pack the sleeve with dry ice to try and keep column as cold as possible


I think your problem is not enough injection pressure. you can hot loop vapor with your pump, or use n2 gas to inject harder.


Def gonna try thanks :pray:


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I think couple ppl and @Cheebah said it though…
You can fight all you want…some strains have darker terpenes,

Probably has something to do with the grower taking it completely done, maybe over done…

When I notice this, the terps removed it looks very yellow for the crystals


Try moving away from active loop. Try passive. Use pump only to recover gas. Loop it cold and unheated by the vacuum pump watch color improve. Only those high dollar diaphram pumps dont heat the gas n extract. Heat is the enemy.


I too have been experiencing the same phenomena with my CLS. I figured it was due to the ultra low temp in the material column from the dry ice sleeve. It would be around a pound or 2 of gas that would remain trapped.

I once tried adding warm water to the sleeve and, while it increased the recovery of the butane, it also darkened the color of the oil significantly as well as thawed out lots of waxes that had been frozen/immobilized. So I didn’t do that again…

I asked my mfg (SubZero) and they told me the same thing everyone else has, esp regarding the use of inert gas. I did add a second active recovery setup to my system and that has been helpful. In the end I just factor the gas lost into costs.


Very true, once I tried active loop with my TRs21 and the increase in temp and pressure seriously hurt the color. I stick with a really cold cryo soak now and have had success.


I try telling beginners that t21rs is good for distilling gas and recovery only and not recommended at all for active loop. Based on my experience. Haskel pumps and i believe vapor master are the only ones I’d want for active loop. Until then passive loop only for me. Why mess with it if its light colored every time. Im happy with 14% average gold n stable every time


Yeah Drex.

So to make it easy for you.

You need a ball valve after your column going into your collection pot.

What is happening is that while you’re boiling off the butane it is condensing in your dry I tube.


Step one
Pack tube, assemble system, Vacuum down system

Step two

Flood your material column with butane/propane
Shut ball valve and let material soak with dry ice in tube for about two hours.

Step three

Open that frozen ass ball valve and allow solvent to enter collection chamber.
Use nitrogen like SamirSam was saying to push the Solvent out of the material column into your collection chamber, you will have to vent the collection chamber so it doesn’t blow out.

Turn nitrogen off, close the ball valve from the collection chamber and dry ice column.

Step four

Set your water bath around 77f
Start your recovery
Find a good porn hub video and beat off for two hours.

Step five

Make sure you don’t recover too much solvent.
Delete your browser history on your phone.

Good luck
Then again…


You don’t think that 2 hours soak has anything to do with the absorbing butane?

Fast and cold!!! Keep it pure!!!


Heat is a product of compressing a gas, all pumps will make heat. You need a condenser coil after the pump to chill the butane and help make it liquid again before it hits the tank. Passive is great, but the recovery pump is a tameable beast.
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Im so trying brotha. Everything is De-waxed perfectly. Ive never got oil this dewaxed ever. I wanted to carbon scrub on friday, but my dry ice hookup sold out before then.

Im 100% going to carbon scrub it tomorrow. Then recover the alcohol the next day. Ive set out time this week to finally get this done. I really wish business and this move didnt come before me and running my first distallation but i really havent had time for anything since Oct. The end of the year has just been nuts. But i do have all the crude filtered just wanna scrub it and then run.

Thanks for all the kind words man. I love that your on the other side of the earth striving for the same end goal. This world has become sooo small over the last 20 years its insane.

Thanks again.


new question on same subject, so i was told that to get a true dewax i should have two colums one filled with material and one empty to transfer into(with out true winterizing) after first tube filled with material, second colum should be the same size as material column, except empty. second colum should also be dry ice sleeved. is the second columb over kill? also filtration? how many different micron sizes should i have i was told that i should have 1. column size mesh screen then filter plate with micron paper and that is it after that it should be good, but i have aslo been told i should have three different micron sizes?!? i am goint to do mesh screen on my coumn then same size filter plate with medium flow paper and redundantly 100 mesh to medium flow paper.


I think you should try running your system w dry ice only column, bury the collection in slurry, blast fast straight through, blast cryo solvent w a bump! Nitrogen way cheaper than the route ur going

Nitrogen will let you push cryo cold solvent, fast and cold leave the bad behind…u can use extra empty tank w 20psi warm vapors to push as same effect as nitrogen, but nitrogen cold , that’s not so nitrogen better

But back to your first question

Your close, the 2nd column though needs to be AT LEAST the size of ur collection, not the material column, as it needs to hold ALL the solvent your run through material… This set up gonna cost you…and u better use material dewax also to keep less fats from going in beginning, that way you don’t clogged your filters that you better stage down to small slowly!

I really really believe that you can get so so so so close that no one can tell but maybe some spec test…w blasting cryo cold solvent straight through, run extra solvent if you worried not getting everything! Keep everything to temp! Don’t soak unless u know ur at temp and even then I don’t soak, I’m not doing 2nd clean up so I don’t want any to go to begin with if I can help it

My terps pour off water thin!