bho extracting with cls and dry ice sleeve


so i have a 20 lb solvent tank that i try to push 30 into, i was recently told that i shoul leave it at 20 and use recovery pum to pull vacumm and add pressure to tank in order to blast out of. i am planning to place a coil in front of sovent tank to lower temp on gas but also was told it should be a smaller treshold for injection can that be the warm vapors insted of injeting the after solvent tank?


20 tank u put 30into…ur supposed to fill 80%…not 200%. Ur gonna kill yourself


lol touche


wait a minute…so you have a 20lb tank and you push 30lbs of gas into it. Thats pretty unsafe. your really playing a dangerous game of russian roulette running that way.

As @StoneD said. Your dewaxing column needs to hold the same volume as your collection chamber.


i have 150 pressure valve


hasnt gone off and when i did that it was 30 degrees out side
and i was outside


Thank God…I get what everyone was telling me…

Dummy valve!

Sorry bro! They was pretty hard on me for my safety! You need the same

And still I’m just calling the prv a “dummy valve”
Which isn’t gonna be my determining factor on saftey


i really hate to say the word retarded these days with the whole politically correct thing but this is retarded!


but wait, besides the amount, what about the use of recovery pump to create pressure ?


do you own a chinese extractor??? Who sold you this extractor? none of what your saying is safe and really dangerous/

The only reason i bring up chinese extractors cause i have one…is do you really wanna put your life in the hands of one of these people


thats why im asking questions, i dont have a machine but i have used one and want to learn


Read buddy read…

And that damn search bar did me wonders my first few prawler months!

All good…if u knew how many things he told me I was retarded for doing :yum:
I love the tough love!

Hence why I changed my whole way I run and even think about running!

Once again @Killa12345 knows his shit! Thanks bro

Just good Lord don’t over fill that tank again…this stuff already dangerous! 80% full!


i just really hate the bad name hydrocarbon extractors get. There is a reason some states have outlawed the use of hydrocarbon extractors…its cause of threads like this one. When they are run in a safe matter. Its a really easy, pretty safe and overall pretty effective way of removing cannabinoids from plant material.

When people take these parts to their extreme…thats when problems happen. People always ask how has my chinese extractor lasted so long…well i dont do dumb shit. I run my tanks at like 60%. I know 80% is safe but at 60% i have a gang load of head space and makes me recover almost 2x as fast as someone running right on that 80% borderline.

There really is safe ways of doing this…starting out a post with i put 30lbs of gas in a 20lb tank is just asking for some scolding. i mean you should know thats a no no.

i have no clue if you can use a recovery pump to condense gas to the point of overfilling a tank. i run passive and run safe with my life on the line. i love life. its not worth dying over for money!

EDIT…i just went back threw the thread. I see you dont have a chinese extractor and looks like a bhogard system…i hope they didnt advise this was a safe manner of running??


Though I’ve put some time and money into looking at other solvents, imo LPG extractions are the most effective and easiest to purge. If I had some some grass and wanted to extract the cannabinoids I’d reach for the butane/propane, whether it was a half ounce or a ton.

Just my firm opinion, not looking to argue the point. If you’re extracting with other methods, carry on, do whatever you’re comfortable with, its your life to choose your own happiness.


i am asking questions regarding all the stuff people are telling me who are running their own systems. i listen to what they say and ask 4 people at least to see how much of it is bs and how much is actual information. thanks for the time and responding. theres few people who actually know their stuff and sure not around me


I’m assuming youre running active loop…this always works for me…I close the liquid line on my tank to stop it there and compress the vapor preasure… that let’s the butane go down…butane likes to hang out where its cold so removing vapor pressure helps it go down to the collection pot…after 5 min or so I open it again till it empties and close it again then let it go for about 10 min…I end up with a vacuum in my system I can hear the air go in when I open it


:rofl: well I haven’t blown up yet hahah, def learned some new things and completely revamped the rig to a true dewax set up with two coils now front and back. 3 filter set up color and efficiency getting way better. Been slabbing and some minor pouring. Poured my first full runs few days ago. I have had success making diamonds in super small amounts even with old sugar wax that I rewashed in tane and poured even though the original wax was never dewaxed it made some nice chunky rocks, not many but solid pieces.


I also rebuild top end on pump and it has made a difference


any links to topics regarding purging diamonds and sauce? im getting alot of small sugar i assume i havent found the right saturation level/temp. also what if i dont have a cryo freezer is there a way to seed in dry ice ? always behind the curve lol


nvrmnd lol