Best foliars and rates

Has anyone had any luck on outdoor grows with fox farm big grow as a foliar. I fed 100% root based last year and am going to try foliars on a few plants this year. What do you like for products, rates and why?

I have personally used ‘boogie brew’ tea as a foliar along with other home made foliars/ teas with decent success. Haven’t really done a side by side to vouch for ‘effectiveness’ tho

I used terp tea a lot last year but never as a foliar. Have ran into some recent wind and rain damage to a lot of my leaves so going to try it on a few plants this year and see how they recover :broken_heart:

Ahhhh the great outdoors. Earlier enough they should bounce right back (unless autos). I like using water soluble calcium (cheap and easy) as a foliar as I’m a believer in high levels of calcium as key to uptake so try to push Ca when possible. Ca chloride is also a good Ca foliar


Soluble Silica, Soluble fulvic (can also use ful power), kelp, willow extract and yucca is my “base”. You can add other additives to this as needed if you need higher n,p or k

Go browse Build a soil’s website.


@Hansel gets foliar


Thanks guys!

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Bills, spray-n-grow and coco wet. OG biowar foliar pack also is fantastic.


Sorry not sorry I dug up an old thread. One of my consults is getting their foliar lineup together for outdoor 2021.

It is:
AGT-50 Fulvic minerals (veg, transition, yes it’s a shameless plug!)
Calcium chloride (veg, transition)
Soluble kelp extract (1x @ transition for structure and vigor)
Potassium salts of fatty acids/insecticidal soap (every application for IPM and a sticker/spreader)

For more information, check out this awesome thread on biocontrols:


Is it shameless plug time?
We are harvesting locally sourced ( southern Oregon coast) sea life(or the remains as it were) ,creating hydrolysate and kelp concentrate.
We anticipate pulverized crab shells and possibly oyster shells.
Provide free delivery for 2 or more 55 gallon barrels divered at the same time, along the I-5 border west to the coast. .

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Something that I noticed, is that you can purchase Agt on Aamazon as Mr Fulvic! (It’s the smaller bottles, which work great for me because I can’t afford to purchase a gallon outright! I think it’s righteous, and I can’t wait to find it in Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart!)


Heavy16 foliar 20ml/L
-Micro and Macro Nutrients

Athena Stack 2ml/L

DEM Natural Mistik 1TSP/L (Steeped 24hr first)
-Beneficial Bacteria

Kelp4Less Extreme Blend 0.7g/L

Powdered Aloe 1g/L
-Salycilic Acid
-Aminos / Micronutrients

AGT50 0.5ml/L


Of course, I’m going to suggest fulvic acid. That said, I have an entire section of my wiki dedicated to biostimulants and IPM.

Foliar is the best way to give plants a growth boost, prevent pests, and quickly correct deficiencies.