Best Economy Centrifuge


I think you’re paying for the certifications and I’m sure some r &d goes into the control system

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The UL motor and controller made in a UL shop aren’t all that difficult to source and install… but there are definitely challenges in the stateside retrofit/upgrade.

The mods Hzb and Ace asked for are now widely available…so I haven’t asked for all of them.

I think your biggest physical problem is going to be the drive shaft seal. we had to design and manufacture one.

if you need 3rd party sign-off, there are a hoops to jump through, and exactly which hoops you hit sort of depends on which stranger (3rd party engineer) you ask “is this gonna work?!?”

my asking price also includes onsite installation & training, pre-install help with chillers, pumps holding tanks, evaporator and distillation equipment selection and a cyclopath at your door should the thing break within the first 12 months.

If you don’t need that stuff, I’m good with you not needing it. :wink:
for those that do, I’m doing my best to provide it at a fair price

I don’t think it’s the biggest or best cat-skinner out there, but I have my eye on that too…It is a solid option at a competitive price.

I’m not sure any of my competitors machines refuse to spin if the lid is open. Still working on making it impossible to climb in while it’s spinning.


What’s the price for the Ace 30?



I don’t want to get that wrong…


Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you all the info


Here’s your budget C1D1 rated honey-oil extractor.

And a budget sealed distillate homogenizer too…so you don’t lose those terps :rofl:

Old school Honey Oil

legit old’ timey equipment. The minions would hate you after making them crank for a whole shift though xD


The unit I’m ordering next week is 8kg floodable, jacketed, and flat bottom. Motor is UL listed but the control box is NOT. 15 lbs or so is perfect for us little guys.


Thoughts on one of these guys?


what’s the specs on those bad boys? :flushed::rofl::joy:


That’s more of a filtering non floodable fuge.


would I use just off the shelf honey for one of these?

can u send me an sop for exactly what honey ratio to mix




Why not just go modern


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Essentially all you would need to do is put the wet biomass in a bubble bag or something of the sort and it should work… I’m buying an all stainless off amazon and trying it out.:yum:

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HoneyComb press …lmao bubble bag and wet material


Would this be consided c1d1 compliant? It could probably be a workable solution with the scale of my lab right now honestly.


Define c1d1

It’s an ELECTRICAL standard.

No electrickery in the room?
You should be good…

But I’m no regulator, so ymmv.

Presses are not ideal imo. But work to a degree. The basket shape on the honey spinners may be problematic. Speeds will be pretty low unless you add a stationary bike.

Yeah, a modern stainless version, or better yet something faster based on the concept…

I was just sharing what I ran into, because “$200 honey (oil) extractor”

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What if you were to make an air-drivin handle that spins faster according to how much psi of air is applied? Or an air driven centrifuge?


Could always find a unit w/detachable grates or you could weld a bucket with holes on the inside and then have that hold a bubble bag and when you spin the handle it’ll spin the basket spinning the bubble bag and spinning out alcohol. Maybe even apply air pressure to spin the handle.

Oh my gosh… Making a centrifuge based on nitrogen pressure to spin it out. …

I feel like there’s a way to make one… Perhaps that should be an open source project