Best Economy Centrifuge

As the title states, I am looking for a high quality centrifuge without breaking the bank too hard. I looked over @Future’s hemp extraction equipment list but it does not specify a centrifuge for the lower range. It says custom. I see many people use pandas and other washing machines. But I don’t know if these will meet code. My lab will need to comply with all regulations of Florida’s new Hemp Pilot Program and any other safety regs. I wish there was an equipment list more specific to crude production also as my main focus is crude production for processing topicals and tinctures. Any advice is welcome!

compliance costs money unfortunately. you’ll want to look at an ace/delta/hzb spinner.


sure you do.
they don’t, and never will.
they are UL listed for water!

rainer distillers said they had one for ~$10k, but I’m not sure I’d believe them… when I asked how fast it spun, they asked how fast I wanted it to spin.

they seemed to be suggesting a modified Hobart.

Can you suggest the lowest end option that will not require any modification?

Oused Bock 755. from a company that refurbishes them.

not floodable. rated for C1D1.

not ideal, but definitely in use.

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Can any of these be had under 15k?

I was not able to find any bock 755’s

yep. they are quite popular with the cannabis/hemp crowd
mainly due to this website

…and the lead time for new ones is now about 20 weeks.

price has also gone up $20k since I first talked to NSEP

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you’re not going to find a good solution in your budget.

set aside ~50k for the spinner, your new electrical hookup, and all your new plumbing needs.


Is there any other method of extraction you might suggest if processing via centrifuge is not realistic with a budget under 50k? I need to run 5lbs at most at this stage. All of my extracts are being processed into coconut oil and then into salves/ tinctures. Do you think a screw press with ethanol/coconut oil could be viable and then decarbing before manufacturing products if a centrifuge is not realistic at this price range?

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capna has a non jacketed one for around 20k


Yes at your stage, I would probably just use a press. All of these centrifuges are really oversized if you’re just trying to do 5 lb a day.

I’ve been scrounging for a similar solution. Looks like China has some fuges rated for etoh, but I’m not sure if they’ll pass UL certification standards, nor do I know how expensive it is to modify them to meet those standards. Explosion-proof motors and PTFE seals look like they should be fine, but as you know, regulators like to make shit unnecessarily expensive.

Correct me if i’m wrong but I believe both the HZB and Ace centrifuges are chinese imports with the motors replaced and some other mods.


And certified :grinning:


I think you’re paying for the certifications and I’m sure some r &d goes into the control system

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The UL motor and controller made in a UL shop aren’t all that difficult to source and install… but there are definitely challenges in the stateside retrofit/upgrade.

The mods Hzb and Ace asked for are now widely available…so I haven’t asked for all of them.

I think your biggest physical problem is going to be the drive shaft seal. we had to design and manufacture one.

if you need 3rd party sign-off, there are a hoops to jump through, and exactly which hoops you hit sort of depends on which stranger (3rd party engineer) you ask “is this gonna work?!?”

my asking price also includes onsite installation & training, pre-install help with chillers, pumps holding tanks, evaporator and distillation equipment selection and a cyclopath at your door should the thing break within the first 12 months.

If you don’t need that stuff, I’m good with you not needing it. :wink:
for those that do, I’m doing my best to provide it at a fair price

I don’t think it’s the biggest or best cat-skinner out there, but I have my eye on that too…It is a solid option at a competitive price.

I’m not sure any of my competitors machines refuse to spin if the lid is open. Still working on making it impossible to climb in while it’s spinning.


What’s the price for the Ace 30?


I don’t want to get that wrong…

Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you all the info