August Member of the Month is @Medicine.grower

On the 30th of each month we will announce a “Member of the Month”

@Sidco_Cat is already the forum MOM! She doesn’t have to be voted in, she already is! Take it up with her if you dare…
The winner will be selected by poll, held here in this post.

Nomination for MoMs will be held in this thread from the 1st to the 15th of each month. The top members with the most nominations each month will be entered into the public poll from the 15th till the end of the month. I’m fairly late getting the post up this month, so I’ll leave nominations open till the 20th or the 21st before I build the poll.

Nominations need to include the members @ and a summary for why they’ve been nominated. I’m going to ask that a nominee receives a “second” to their nomination to be eligible for the vote, in hopes of keeping things orderly in the competition.

Winners will receive a complementary Lifetime GLG membership, including Lab Coat, discounts, and invites to meetups. (Transferrable prior to registration at

Let’s try to take this at least semi seriously and show some recognition for those working hard to help us all level up together. There are so many members offering knowledge bombs freely here, it can be hard to narrow it down to one each month. They all are winners in my eyes!

Past winners:
March 2020 FicklePickle
April 2020 WaxPlug1
May 2020 Tweedledew
June 2020 Sidco
Aug 2020 StoneD
Oct 2020 AgTonik
December 2020 MillerliteRN
Feb 2021 Capttripppp
March 2021 TheWillBilly
April 2021 illNyeTheShtterGuy
May 2021 MagisterChemist
June 2021 Covid-69
July 2021 Akoyeh
August 2021 Thumper
September 2021 thesk8nmidget
October 2021 pupparoo
Novenmber 2021 TheGratefulPhil
December 2021 TwistedStill
January 2022 SubstituteCreature
February 2022 BigM
March 2022 cyclopath
April 2022 Kingofthekush420
May 2022 ky_cbd
June 2022 emdub27
July 2022 Dukejohnson



He’s all around a solid dude who has helped me get my game more on point. He’s always helpful and kind to others on the forum. His contributions to the conversation on the Athena Nute line are helpful, as was willingly sharing his tests so we all ended up with more knowledge. He loves growing great weed and helping others grow great weed.


I’ll second @Medicine.grower for being an all around cool dude, and totally willing to share his experience.


Bumpity bump bump. :slight_smile: I’ll leave nominations open until the 20th, then I’ll put the poll up.

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Hey hey, there’s a couple days to nominate away… :slight_smile:

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I’d like to nominate @Photon_noir

Not only wild that he hasn’t won yet but I can’t get online nowadays without someone speaking super highly of the work he’s doing out there


I’ll second that!


I’ll give him a third!


Holy hell how is that even possible. @Photon_noir for contributing so much knowledge to each of us here!


@Photon_noir without a doubt


It’s nice to see this thread finally picking up some momentum! I was getting a little worried there for a bit

And yeah Photon is worth like the Beaker Award, or so much more than member of the month


Let’s fix that right away


Its probably a good idea to just end the competition and give him this months award right now! lol

I’ll 100th the nomination for @Photon_noir


I mean we have 2 nominees this month and we just saw the vote landslide on the comments lol only took about 2 and a half years for the interest to go, not bad.

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This is the first month since I have joined this form that I 100% agree!
Well, not the first but you know what I’m saying


I should do more to promote this. Probably wouldn’t hurt if I actually got around to it on the 1st and 15th. I haven’t been as active as I should, but I will double down and try harder to do my small part to give back to this place! Thank you for everyone who contributes to these MoM threads, as you really do help share the load of keeping this a trending topic. :slight_smile:


While I truly appreciate you all for thinking of me, I have previously turned down my nominations and awards for things like this, not because I feel myself or your choices as unworthy at all! I’d just like to see less-known and more active folks receive recognition for their contributions! After all, this is a regularly distributed award to give EVERYONE a chance to be praised for their generosity and thoughtfulness, here! I cannot dismiss or ignore your feelings on the matter, of course, but it could be said that nominating me for this is akin to saying that nobody else has stood out to you this month… and I’m sure that is not true if you are an avid reader! :face_with_monocle:

I am humbled by your praise, and you have my gratitude for your trust in me… but I can only accept your nomination if there is truly nobody else you have learned from this month. Thank you all for your understanding and kindness. Truly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’d say it’s clear this group of scoundrels would like for your work to be recognized & I can think of little better reason to bring back the @Beaker award as @Capttripppp mentioned. With so many of us heading to Vegas for Biz Con, it might not be a bad idea to consider adding that to the GLG night.


Bumpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Bumpty Dumpty had a great call,
Come my thread and participate he said,
To celebrate each other, one and all.



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