ATG Pharma vs Thompson Duke Indus Filler (other thread non-readable)

Having a tough time deciding between both their automatic filling machines. Any hot takes on best automatic filling machine out? T

The “Best Auto Filler, Capper and Filling Solutions” thread that had a bunch of good info kicks me off when I scroll down and read.

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I prefer the Thompson Duke from the two you listed. I found that it was less finicky on what kind of cartridge my bosses decided that we were going to use.

I’ve used the ATG successfully, but not for cart filling. It was for filling tincture bottles - even then I felt it was a bit finicky.

I’m also a bit of a data nerd - so I like the Thompson Duke software that collects all the information and makes it available to me, especially when I’m trying to figure out why something isn’t quite right.

Which ones have you used?


We had a TON of problems with ATG fillers we were using them for bottles as well but it was a constant battle to get it to work correctly.

Customer service was shit for us and it was constantly having to be rigged up. the machine AFAIK spent more time down trying to be fixed than running.


I had a similar experience and I’ve since gone with a normal bottling line for those kinds of things.

The ATG was always finicky and I still don’t really know “why” - I never really got to talk to an engineer or designer to figure out if it was just my machine or really equipment design.


I would look at Automated Cartridge Filling Systems | Xylem Technologies

Fills and caps in line and cranksss

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Every day I dream of taking a bat to the ATG “office space” style. Absolutely garbage device. Hits cart posts and rims on the reg, no needle tip heating solution besides running more heat tape, valve assembly leaks constantly wasting product, syringe and valve are a pain to clean and reassemble, heat tape does not distribute heat consistently (ie. set to 100C but some parts of it are at 40C)


It’s 2023 lol, we currently use the ATG at work and so far it’s been a pain to use. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beast when it’s working properly but at this point, I would honestly want to go back to the Thompson Duke and lowkey wouldn’t even mind hand filling again. :joy: sheesh I’d take the cooljarz joint over that too to be completely honest.


The k4 cart filler is easier to use than any product listed and is thousands cheaper as well.


That cart filler looks clean

How was the cool jars ? I was thinking about that too as a secondary option. Most lielly going to go for the jet fueler

Not sure what I stumbled upon here, but their fillers look a lot like Cart farm, ATG Pharma, or the Shark710, or a Xylem without the safety guards, etc.

Seems scammy, anybody have experience w them?

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very expensive…
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Real question, how can someone verify their identity or the condition of their lab/factory these days? Pictures aren’t reliable any more. What’s next?

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How much is the FC-01?

I own an ATG for capsule filling.

Even with capsules, it can be finicky. The design is basically a CNC with a pneumatic dosing head.

The problem here is if one variable changes (temp, pressure; dispense time) it can throw the whole volume way off.

I’ve considered developing an open source CNC based unit many times, and bolting a cart farmer to it, basically program the CNC Gcode like it was drilling holes in a grid pattern and modifying the M3Sx000 command to trigger a dispense solenoid or similar.

When you peek under the hood of all these units, it’s the same shit, fuck, I can even probably dump the firmware off the ATG unit and improve it at this rate.

ATG is overpriced in my opinion, and you could definitely find better units for better value, with less headaches.

Side note, I’d totally be down to work with someone here to do open source DIY Voron style units with heated bed and lines. Could be a pretty rad community initiative