Ascent All Ceramics - Quality Control where you at @ascent come defend urself

I just got a sample order of some of the Ascent all ceramics. Having had a few in the past I am noticing a huge quality difference, specifically appearance.

The glue at the bottom of the cart has huge bubbles in it, and the white metal band at the bottom has chips all around the edges exposing the metal under it. Overall they look super janky and I’m concerned selling them.

I have had no DOAs with them yet, but I heard that some folks here where having a higher failure rate.

I hope this is temporary? The Wolkentech and a other ceramics are looking much better at this point.


did u get a sample from them directly, how recently?
Their february/march/april batches were iffy

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@Ascent yalls quality control seems to be going down.

I dont think thats glue, i think its a silicone gasket, i could be wrong. ive had more failures lately then i have before, thats true. The bottom paint is a known complaint though. it looks real shitty. they would be better if the bottoms were left raw steel color and not even painted.


Yeah I reached out to them directly to get the samples. :confused: Always worried about getting counterfeits/copies.

how recently did u recieve them?

@square_root_pharms yeah theres glue there

Well thats good to hear regarding it not being glue. 100% agree on the bottom band looking better with the original metal color.

The Snowmans looked way better this way, and they decided to go the white paint route too sadly.


hrm i always thought it was a seal since i can spin the glass on the base on quite a few of them lol

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I received them about a week ago.

The Wolkentek bases are very pretty, they are ceramic and the ground plate is only about a mm thick on the bottom, guessing that is mounted up inside the ceramic somewhere.

Ascent paint chipping has always been a thing for me as well as the glue. If it could be more evenly coated it would look a lot better.

Anyone have good product pictures of the Wolkentech? I have only seen the almost half hidden ones on their site, and a few on I may give those a test run.

Ok. I got you

How they look?

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We could do pearl white that would looks smart

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We’ve had a lot of Ascent customers come to our showroom to view our “X-75” as an alternative to Ascent’s carts. I personally believe it’s an upgrade, but the Ascent we know from the past doesn’t seem to be the same Ascent we get today. QC is a huge issue for any scaling manufacturer and one of the first things LP’s look at.

Not sure if we carry the same carts or not, since I agree with you their pics are not the best. I’ve suspected we work with the same supplier but it’s hard to confirm! I’d love to get my hands on some Wolkentek samples and see if we in fact work with the same manufacturer or not! Here’s our X-75:

If QC is your concern, I encourage you to reach out to me and we’ll talk about getting you samples. We are dedicated to providing a quality, consistent product with reliable, friendly customer service :slight_smile:


do these carts soak up more oil compared to ccells.
got a feeling my oil Is shorted

These look cool. Do you have any non-3D pics of the final product? Thanks.

@Ascent I think the issue is that bottom painted cylinder. I would not paint them since they look cheaply done.

Raw steel unfinished bottoms would look better and be cheaper to make (skip that paint step).

Is that a silicon seal above the glue?


@Ascent dont get caught sleeping. You need to get on it find out what’s going on

Especially considering I was about to buy 200 1ml all ceramics


The solution is clear:


Nice @qma, I have been looking at these. How sturdy is the glass?

The glass is sturdy af if the coil is screwed in. When the cart is uncapped, there is no support on the stem.

When screwed in, this cartridge is much more sturdy than the iCell or the wolkenteks. The only failure point experienced is the stem, and you will be able to continue hitting the cart even after the stem breaks.