Arson at our facility

So last night someone set the warehouse next to mine on fire and the fire made it over to our facility. The entire thing is burned to the ground and we had no insurance. We’re just 3 guys with a small lab and had everything invested in it. Posting a go fund me here if anyone feels like donating it’s appreciated, Would never have gotten as far as we did without this forum and the good life gang and we’re not done yet, we’re just trying to get enough together to get a new short path and start operating again. thanks so much to everyone here for the knowledge you’ve already given us.


You should just give us your paypal or venmo, cashapp, or PO Box for cash. gofundme takes too much money. Ill happily donate if its not thru gofundme.
Nvm just checked its only about 3% same as many other processing places.


Cashapp is $bigbabybutthurt
Venmo is @goatcbd

Thanks :pray: anything helps


Thanks a million man

300 sent :+1: good luck
I almost lost all my lab stuff 3 years ago, and loss my whole crop.(70x 2lbers) So i know ur struggles, i had many people help me with getting new genetics and was back on my feet in no time.
Youll be back on ur feet in no time, just keep pushing thru.
Fires are fucking shitty, i cant believe a metal building got destroyed like that though
Looks like flames made into the window or ducting?
Building still intact?


Yeah it just sucks because I figured if the lab ever burned down it would be my fault not some random act of crazy shit lmao. But we aren’t gonna let it keep us down and we intend to move forward no matter what. Luckily we had two 20cfm vac pumps being shipped from China for use with our existing spd unit that hadn’t arrived yet so we really just need to buy glass and a mantle and vacrometer and the basics to get back up and running.


Just cashapp’d you a lil bit too, good luck getting back on your feet brother.


Thanks a ton man, we really appreciate the help.


I’m sorry i can’t donate …
But i do send my condolences…
What a disaster !!!

Hope hope you get operational gain, sooner than later.

:+1: :muscle: :heart:

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For sure we aren’t gonna let it shut us down.


I’m sure you need to replace a lot more than your short-path.

Maybe once you reconcile put together a list of miscellaneous lab gear you need to get back on your feet again. That might be the type of thing more guys can chip in if they don’t have extra cash right now. I’m sure this forum has lots of spare stuff that’ll help get you up and running again.

I’d just be thankful that you didn’t have a bunch of solvents blowing up or else they might have changed the narrative a bit


Any extra equipment I can donate to your cause?

I’m low on cash but flush on extra equipment


Really we just need an spd to get going again. I started with bucket tek and I can start again with bucket tek. My closed loop and everything we had burned up. All my glassware, spds, vac pumps everything. I ordered two new vac pumps that are on their way from China and a farm here offered to let us use their facilities to get back up and running until we can find and afford a new location. If we had an spd we can make distillate, cbn and other things that would allow us to recoup enough money to start replacing things. At this point the loss is too much to even start thinking about what all we need to start over so I’m just gonna start at the basics and go from there.


that sucks I’ll throw u something, but maybe you have to change your name from dumpsterfire that’s bad jojo


Lmao :joy: yeah I think you might be right


I have 2 spare new 2l bf. I may have 250/500ml rf also


I have a complete 2L short path I can donate. Completely brand new in the box


Well I for sure can use it if you’re willing to part with it, that puts me back at square one and I can start working again.


I got your back dude.

If you ever don’t need it or it becomes obsolete for yah, send it back to me. :call_me_hand:


This is some selfless shit.

Bad ass…