Anyone using jacketed reactor for CBD isolation?


Curious if anyone is using a glass jacketed reactor to make CBD isolate? Looking for:
Type of reactor used
Basic parameters
SOP would be great but I’m not expecting it
Loss associated with this type of isolation
Any help would be greatly appreciated or if this is something I can get from the Good life Gang I would sign up in a heart beat.


Someone certainly is. And they should hit me up…


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Interested in some consult on this reactor business. I need to run large batch continuously.



@hambread any chance I could message you for some help please


@CTrait @Peartreebotanicals send me PM’s with more details. I may be able to help, as may a friend of mine.


You can use it for recystalazation. Dissolve the cbd in near boiling heptane or pentane and allow to cool slowly to room temp.Continue to cool further past room temp down to freezing -40c .
The trick to this is getting the cbd/nonpolar solvent solution as saturated as you can get.

Think of it like making a supersaturated salt solution, imagine adding salt to boiling h20 untill the salt wouldent dissolve anymore(like a snow globe in apperaence). This is reaching the max saturation of the solvent, an additional small amount of solvent is added to “just dissolve” the last bits of salt at the bottom to fully incorperate them.
Then by swinging the tempature of the solvent you can decrease the solubility of the solvent, This allows controlled precipitation of the solute.
The slower you can cool the mixture the larger the crystals will be, this is due to the gradual decrease in solubility. Faster curves lead to small crystals with inclusions. The longer you can remain in the metastable zone the more ideal your results will be.

make sure you run a reflux condenser when you are heating your solvents in your reactor.

Looking to see if anyone has a SOP for CBD isolate

Thank you for that breakdown! Is there a reason hexane is never mentioned in this crystallization method? I understand pentane seems to be the widely preferred solvent (I’m assuming because of it’s low boiling point), but since hexane has a much lower bp than heptane and is considerably cheaper than either heptane or pentane, I would assume it would be a good alternative. Unless it has solubility/safety issues that make it less suitable… I guess that’s why I’m asking.


It costs less and tends to be more pure in cheaper grades. Lower boiling point helps as well!


Hexanes are more of a health hazard than pentanes or heptanes.


Pentane will be the cheapest to boil/condense.


Would you be so kind as to send me a PM so we can discuss isolate SOPs?