Anyone try a Chinese centrifuge ?

I’m on Alibaba and seeing so many different centrifuges from China and many different price ranges

Does not need to be UL listed/peer reviewed
I’m looking for one that can spin 25lbs pounds of material at a time and RPM of 1700+

If anyone of you purchased these from China I’d love to know which companies you used. DM or reply. Would appreciate feedback.
Thank you


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I hope someone chimes in. There’s several under 10k. It’s almost tempting to just go for it and be the guinea pig.

Peony makes ok fuges i operate a 20 kg unit once i a while


Many of the companies selling centrifuges to our industry sell rebranded and/or modified peony fuges.

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Floodable? I’ve been looking at peony and that’s probably who I’ll end up going with.

Mine Is not floodeble

Pretty sure they’re not off the shelf floodable. Not certain if that is a modification they can do, or if it’s usually done here. Never needed a floodable stainless steel washing machine myself so I’m unsure.

When looking at peony vids on you tube they seem to have floodable s

I think I remember someone mentioning in another thread that you have to modify the inner gasket to a higher spot to make it flood able

This is what I saw.

I think HZB has the Peony’s for sale with the modified fluid line and upgrades electricals. Check them out. Highzenbear Manufacturing.

Flat bottom, floodable, jacketed.


Let me know if your interested. $5500 with control cabinet or $5000 without it. The motor is UL listed so no problems there. I’m working with the producer not an export company like Kingreat.



id be interested. do you have a spec sheet

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I’de be interested. Do you have theses in the states already?

Nope. Need to import. Send me DM.

I’m a new user I can’t dm yet

I’m switching to warm hexane extraction from warm ethanol and realizing my pandas aren’t going to cut it anymore. I’m considering this centrifuge from lanphan. It’s about $3800 including shipping but the talk earlier in this thread about these centrifuges having gaskets is concerning and I’m wondering how they would hold up to hexane.

Now I’m thinking I would be better off getting a floodable jacketed one like posted above for 5k so I could switch to cold ethanol when I get an appropriate chiller.

Does the centrifuge have any gaskets?

Those fuges are not to be flooded. Not designed for that. The jacketed one has different basket design and spindle assembly. Of course, theres always some sort of gasket or seal. Its It’s supposed to withstand -80 and exposure to solvent.

Yes I know that model is not floodable, one of the reasons I’m thinking of getting a different style. I’m not too concerned about a gasket at the top just ones that would come in direct contact with the hexane. Turns out lanphan has a model that looks identical to the one you posted, I’m guessing they are getting it directly from the same supplier as you.

Did your 5k price include shipping? Also do you have specs for the unit and know what material the gasket is made from? I’m thinking PTFE would be ideal if possible.