Anyone have experience with a 710 Shark filling machine

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We’ve been trying to optimize a Shark 710 we have on loan. It’s been a headache to calibrate, but we have pretty much dialed it in. Now we are having a problem with the needles clogging. After a lot of trouble shooting we’re starting to think it’s not a clog as much as it is a suction issue. The needles aren’t seating properly at the base when we change them. Any and all input is appreciated. Also, I would not recommend this machine if you are in the market for one. It’s super temperamental and There is drastic room for improvement of the design. The Thompson Duke Industrial is a better built and more user friendly machine IMO.


everywheredan, we’re not sure what machine version you are using, or why you are using a loaner. The older machines were much more time consuming to calibrate and had several user-relayed change requests which have been address and fixed in the newest models of the 710Shark (v7.1). It sounds like either a gasket or needle-plate seating issue. We’d love to be able to help you solve these problems. Give us a shout at (800) 605-3580 or send us an email at support and let us help you get this going. We have a lot of customers who use the machine non-stop throughout the business day and tons of referrals online. We’re sure we can help you with this.


Their team and customer service is on point but I havn’t pulled the trigger yet as waiting for main large capper to be finished. When I see it suck my oil and then cap my stuff infront of my face im down. They did a fill for their carts are they were good for me but I already have a solid cart supplier waiting to automation my filling business as much. Armando is the man though


My friend actually purchased the 710 shark and had nothing but issues with it. The heating basin would burn his distillate and it stays open. You’d have to fill in a clean room to prevent contaminates from falling into it. I’ve actually been to a meeting with the engineers and they said it has many flaws that can be improved significantly and it’s cheaply made.


It’s been bothering me for days…but now I understand why we’re making Noob Crystals

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Have you got your issues fixed? What I noticed about ours is that it is hard to clean after each run. It would help if we had the manual.

Don’t get me started on the bent needles. if you are .1mm off then say goodbye to a row of needles. I like the concept but not sure about the execution. They really need to put a series of videos online to show how to use the machine. (not the 5 seconds on how to start it)


They have a really good series of videos. Call convectium and have them send you the video on taking apart the machine for cleaning

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Any other recommendation besides convectium 710 shark vape filling machine.

I have a client that is looking to get a vape filling machine and capping machine. Anyone here have recommendations?

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What type of volume are you putting out? The Shark costs the same as a Thompson Duke or the other filling machines and fills 100 carts at once instead of 1. The cartridges come pre-racked so they can be pulled right from the box and put directly onto the filling and capping machine. There have been issues with Sharks in the past but they are mainly due to user error. Machines are frequently updated and improved on as well.

Please email me for more information.

That thing is compete trash. Give it back asap. The promise of filling 100+ carts at a time is garbage. The needles clog, the oil drips everywhere, its more of a headache than a help. Thing is a turd even after you " calibrate" it properly… Granted, I haven’t used that thing in almost a year, so they may have made some fundamental changes to the operating system of the machine that I am not aware of. That being said, TDI (Thompson Duke) have solid machines and amazing customer service that can get the job done in roughly the same amount of time when you know what you’re doing. My company started with TD machines tried the 710 shark and collectively decided against making the switch for our use and stuck with TD


How can you possibly blame the customers. I have so much anger right now. Your company has been selling machines that dont do that job end of story. The count below is very much correct. Your company is very good at talking about filling 100 carts each time but the question is how accurate is each fill, how often does the machine fuck up and create a mess. I can sell you a pot that you can put oil into and it can easily fill 100 carts in seconds you but I’m not going to talk to you about the mess , clean up time or anything like that. You completely fabricate your numbers to make New comers to the cart industry believe that they can fill 1000s of carts per hour.

I bought your 710shark and it is honestly the worst machine you can possibly by. I had to put in an extra 5k in upgrades because your air pressure system is junk. Now I heard you had upgraded your system and I had another friend buy in including the capping unit. Guess what it’s complete trash and so are your cove carts. Multiple clogging issues, air holes not been cut right and shitty customer service. Nothing has changed with your company since I have unfortunately crossed paths with it. Maybe your just a cog in the machine and you haven’t actually run the machines your self and you believe all the ridiculous numbers they tell you to push sales but really if you give a shit about your integrity I would start looking to Thompson Dule for a job because those guys are on point.

The one shot systems are also out performing your 100 shot unit. Also if there are any issues it’s only going to be with 1 cart not 100. The amount of cleaning with your machine negates any benefits of using your machine. Can you tell me how many units have you filled personally


Happy to help with any questions you might have. Just don’t buy the 710 shark. You will regret it.

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We would be happy to help you get your machine back up and running. We understand your frustration but I believe that we can resolve the issues that you are having. We promise you that the machine can do exactly what we say it can. We can set up a trouble shooting call to figure out what is going on and get it operational.

It’s a piece of trash. Go thompson duke.

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Lol is that the reason I paid 5k to get the machine operational ?? Because of your wonderful customer service , maybe you can help me “calibrate” the machine correctly. Why is it that everyone here says the machine is trash are we all wrong ? Honestly I know it’s not your fault you just got the poor end of the stick trying to come here and rep a shitty brand. The cove carts are crap too. If anyone here has any positive things to say about the 710 shark please state them here.

I can honestly say after we have done our upgrades that the machine can pour 100 very quickly but then there is going to be a lot of work with the screwing but thanks to Thompson Duke that’s not really and issue. If you don’t have the money for the Thompson Duke then check out for a super cost effective way to cap1500-2000 per hour.

The capping machine offered by convectium is also crap and you have to buy the cove carts (maybe it will still work with other carts that cap carts). Now if you know anything about carts you would never do this because once it’s capped closed you can’t remove the top. So let’s say you have some underfilled and you cap them well guess what there’s no going back and now you just look like an idiot trying to explain to people why this batch wasn’t filled correctly and that the machine and carts you use doesn’t allow you to make any changes so this is what you got. Very fast way to lose business but guess what that doesn’t really effect convectium because by the time you figure this out and have listened to all their help about calibrating the machine correctly and dialing it in you will be past the point where you can return it.

For clarity I don’t use the capping carts and this is feedback from others who did. If your fresh into this industry and have a little capital convections looks like it’s got all the bells and whistles to get you going but it’s honestly the worst decision you can make.

You can say all you want about old machines and constantly improving but the fact is if you have a shitty foundation you have a shitty foundation it’s doesn’t matter what new editions your bring out the core of the company needs to be fixed.


For what it is worth, again I apologize for the issues that you have experienced with Convectium. We would love to remedy the situation. Would you be willing to hop on a phone call to discuss more about your poor experience with Convectium? This way we can discuss possible solutions to your problems with our equipment.

You can reach me on my cell, 949-606-4536 or at my email,

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Shane McRae
Business Development @ Convectium

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Trash don’t buy, you will fully regret losing lots of $ and time…

Go with Thompson duke or buy the fifty shot

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We manufacture filling and capping machines. There are photos and videos on our Instagram page (@GreenLeafRobotics) and I would be glad to send more information or set up a live demo. My email is


Ben Warner, founder Green Leaf Robotics

My company recently got a 710 Shark filling machine and man is it a game changer. It definitely put the Thompson duke we were using to shame. All I can say is that make sure you get properly trained up on the shark, and you will have no issues and really make your life a hell of a lot easier. I highly recommend. We are looking at getting another one and possibly the capping machine they offer to really have the full automation set. Anyone have any info on the capping machine?

Show us a video. :eyes: