Noob crystals (acetone tek)

I’ve followed the tek in the acetone thread, I used 3g of bho, ive seeded with 2 small crystals, it’s been a few days and I just want an opinion on how this is going I dont know what to look for… it looks like the is alot of small formations…

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It seems to me that you may have too small an amount of material for the vessel you are using. In general, having the bottom of the vessel covered in your starting solution will create better crystals. However, it seems to have grown some which is better than nothing!


I agree it’s too big this was a small sample and It’s only been 3 days I wasnt sure how much solvent to leave in my solution, there is a “skin” on top but I feel there is close to 1% acetone left…should I leave it Or would I be able to re dissolve whats in the jar and start in a new vessel… also do I leave the lid on or off I haven’t really seen anything about it…

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I have disolved crystals and then crystallized again using acetone and it seems to have worked out nicely. I would definitely try that and see if you can use a smaller vessel.

i got what I could outta the jar and gonna recrystallize I have another sample about finished(will post pics)… thanks for the help!

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Serperate gram for a test followed the SOP, looks like more than half crystallized…


Uploading… after 30days


Looks good! How did they end up turning out? Were you able to successfully remove most of that acetone and how?

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That batch turned out lokking good but tasting terrible,
My new batch worked amazing with better quality PHO and 100% pure acetone it only took me a week to get close to full crystallization… only used 1 gram of oil. I got a .7 back. If you leave the sauce sit it doesn’t get rid of the acetone as well, but i wait till i am happy with it the diamond growth then move it to a dif container,for some reason that transition always make the process speed up and i get even more and faster crystallization?? Anyways good luck!! Pics below!

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