Anyone doing indoor hemp cultivation?



I think that purple variety is either mendo purps or this…



i got some pictures of imaginary plants that didnt exist in a non legal state.

These all were not my creations…LMAO! I just dont know the concentrates side!

Those pics are over 10 years old. From a digital camera. :rofl::joy::rofl:. Kodak could have changed there too. That was the first disruption. The smartphone killed Kodak and the digital camera. Lol. When’s the last time you seen a digital camera at Disney.


Isn’t SCROG the best method for production? Therefore, not needing to penetrate the canopy?..oh sooo many varieties and techniques to accomplish our goals!


Them look delicious my bro. :fire::fire::fire: The look is definitely mo betta indoors.


SCROG is problematic at scale due to labor and damage to plants. There really isn’t a best method; it all depends on the restrictions you have places on you. An indoor hemp grow wouldn’t have plant count restrictions in most cases, so sea of green with shorter, faster flowering genetics would be an efficient way to reduce the need for light penetration without having to work with agnet.

An outdoor cannabis grow however, would benefit from plants properly trained and hardened before the growing season starts.


And sorry to beat the dead horse but thats the difference my brotha! People that buy weed typically choose with their eyes and nose. Not the numbers on the wall or packaging. Its always been like that. This is why i feel indoor weed/hemp will have a place in this industry.

Yes thc is thc, but actual flower is bought on looks and smell. We all trust those 2 things first before any test.

I hate to use this as an example but it is. If you watch viceland. There is a show most expensivist shit. When they did a most expensive weed one. 2chainz didnt look at the packaging at all. He went in first with his nose then looked at the material. He could careless about the potency numbers. This is where connoisseur indoor weed will always have a space…whether its industrialized or small company…there always will be a demand for super high indoor.


I know this my bro and that’s why I’m going to have to show you. I know thats the only thing that changes minds, seeing is believing.



I will send you pics tomorrow when I get back to the lab. We dont plan on selling it wholesale, but maybe by spring time we will.
Dense and tasty for industrial hemp.


I’ve smoked a couple CBD buds and they never seem to be much to talk about,but recently smoked some ACDC CBD @ 19% and it actually packed a punch in a body high sort of sativa way. Ull be pressing some rosin soon. Oh yhetes a market coming.