Anyone doing indoor hemp cultivation?

So, we have been working towards investing in a new extraction lab at our warehouse in PA (still interviewing operators, pm me if interested in a JV), and we applied for a hemp cultivation license, there is no processing license in PA. We have about 50,000 sqft available.

This led me to think about the prospects of indoor cultivation.
In your opinion, could indoor hemp cultivation be profitable? What would be the highest and best use?

On a bulk basis , it looks like cbd hemp flower and cbd hemp oil are similar, at around $3 per gram. Companies like are freely selling in most states, grams for $9 and 8ths for $30 and ounces for $100.

Hemp flower also seems to be trending along with cbd oil.

Indoor flower would probably earn a premium. The perfect alternative to smoking weed or tobacco at work. I see this market growing pretty substantially.

Plus, we could do tissue culture propogation for valuable cultivars and reduce risks for farmers. How much would a hemp seedling go for with 15%+ CBD?

Plus, we could do breeding and develop more other valuable strains.

Lots of ideas. I’m interested to get your feedback.

Can we grow indoor hemp flower for less than $2 per gram? If so, how would we go about starting in such a large warehouse space. Would containers make sense?

Anyone interested in doing a JV for indoor hemp cultivation? We have the real estate and capital, you come to Pittsburgh.


We grow indoors in WV. We also have our extraction lab in the same building.
I’m finding that it’s not that feasible to grow for the flower market. We have 5 lbs of nice flower that is just sitting there collecting dust. Frankly we only continue growing it to add an additional sku to our oils and body care product lines. Its a novelty product imo.
Not to say that it could be a huge hit… just hasn’t been the case for us yet.


Can you send pictures? I might know a dispensary in Oklahoma that would be interested to stock that. How are you trying to sell?

The costs of running hemp indoors must be insane considering the average market rate of hemp biomass and concentrates. I get that company is running those prices, but I expect those to plummet as more people make their way into the game.

I mean, shit… some indoor rec. Cannabis guys are fucked and that’s with something that still commands at least a halfway decent price per unit. Granted there’s probably less labor needed to grow and process hemp vs. psychoactive Cannabis… it’s still not going to be cheap compared to Johnny Hempelseed out there selling bucked field hemp. People just want cheap shit, by and large.

How would you make it profitable is my question


He said he was also looking into selling people clones. I think that is the best use for an indoor grow. Clones don’t take up much space, and sterile clones with desireable genetics would be a lot more valuble to farmers than seeding/cloning their stock themselves.


I’ve got a couple of minions I could use duplicates of :wink:

But yeah, tissue culture and selling clones or artificial seeds sounds like the best bet


Yes, you can grow herb profitably indoors, whether it’s CBD or THC…and there is a huge market (nationwide) for CBD! If you can grow top shelf flowers, you will have constant sales, for sure!! If it’s top shelf, you can price higher than the current market price too.

There are many people willing to spend the dough on good herb, most definitely!!

Yes, you can grow and process indoor hemp flowers for $1 gram. I can and do with THC flowers.

Clones are another option or income source. With the amount of space you have, you can do both growing and cloning…clones in smaller quantities regularly sell for between $10-20.

What’s a JV?


Joint Venture, profit sharing., equity…

Growing indoors was only profitable back in the days when #'s sold for 4k and electricity was free.99 :grin: Just like any other commodity( corn, tobacco, ect) the prices will come down to a point where only the boutique grower will be able to grow indoors at a low PM. This becomes more evident as the concentrate market grows. The reality at the end of the day is THC is THC whether grown indoors or outdoors. You can’t compete with the farmer growing acres at an ultra low over head and maximizing his yield per sqft.


But I can bang out harvests every 9 weeks vs 1 od run depending on your location.


How many sqft to currently grow with how many 1k’s?

If your asking me, 1ks are for rookie growers (no offence) and or commercial ops. I bang out 3.5 to 4lb (dried and cured) runs back to back to back and repeat for 4+ yrs with ONLY 4x 315cmh, that’s 1265 watts total!

Dialed in like a superstar

I’m in a sealed room that’s 8x12’, offset 3’ from center.

I just killed off my prized cannatonic 4 cbd HP pheno. Supposedly 22:1 thc:Cbd. But I do have 2 left in the cloner rooting.

Pic is 43 days from flip of a 64day run
Genetics and a dialed in room are key to any grow


Indoor growing is still profitable selling as low as $1000 per/lb. No, you’re not making $3500 profit, like when we were selling for $4k/lb, but you’re still making $500 . Indoor farmers don’t have to compete with outdoor farmers because it’s a completely different quality of product…flowers, that is. Yes, if it’s all made into concentrates, then yes, the indoor grower can’t produce as much as an outdoor farmer.


That’s super awesome, bro! I’m scratching my head…what’s a cmh?..this veteran still uses 1k’s…22 of 'em…


Ok, the good thing about numbers is they don’t lie. I am a rookie grower because I’ve only been at it for 20yrs come April :grin: and I do use DE 1k lamps now a days. So let’s looks at the numbers. At 1265w you yield 1800 g’s which is 1.42 gpw. This puts you in the top 5% of all growers world wide, congratulations. With this knowhow you could easily get hired at a 250k a year starting pay as a master grower. Within a few harvest I’m sure your employer would double that, I know I would. The grow space you have is 96sqft so you yield 18.75 g’s per sqft. If you do this 6x a year giving you a perfect year and using a veg room to not interfere
with flower time you yield 112.5g’s per sqft annually.

On the other hand we have the out door grower with a 1ac LIC growing for 5-6 months a year. On a 44k sqft parcel I can plant 3,300 plants and let’s call it a mediocre harvest @ 5#'s per plant or 16,500 #'s. This translates to 168.5g’s per sqft with 1 harvest working half the time. The kicker in all this is I can grow a # for as little as $50 or as much as $100. The indoor grower on the other hand has an overhead of $300 - $500 a # depending on where they are located.

So at the end of the day it’s all about economics since this is a legal business. Using your numbers you need 24 sqft to harvest a # costing you $300 - $500 to accomplish this. Where I only need 2.67 sqft to harvest a # at $50 - $100.

Now the kicker. Those two #'s that we are comparing will yield just about the same % of concentrate when extracted and brought to market. That concentrate will sell for the same $ amount because you cannot distinguish outdoor from indoor once it’s been extracted.


Resin production @ 35-40 days outdoors.


Something you won’t see on an indoor grow. :joy::joy::joy:


Cmh ceramic metal halide

20x1k lights is not a small grow. That’s commercial

200oz all day long
2400lb all day

I’m not a church organization, nor do I work for pennies.


20x 1k lights. Haha. That’s like every other Miami grow house. Commercial. :joy::rofl::joy:

I would have said a 20 light grow was commercial about 10-12 years ago but that was then now people have 6-8 of those 20+ light setups.

I really wish @bg305 was wrong but I truely feel like in 15 years. Commercial cannabis won’t even come from America. It will be grown in countries with lower labor costs.

The person from africa, South America, China. All places with cheap labor will lead the thc market. Diversify or die!


Never said you did my bro. CMH is ok for the Hobbie grower but you won’t be growing and hemp.indoors with them. They do not have enough power to penetrate a canopy.