Anyone doing indoor hemp cultivation?



I would like to eventually go green house. I have plenty, PLENTY of room for it. That way I can grow what I process for my business. I got a quote from a place out of Ohio, I think? 64K for a 30 X 36


Yeah, down here we would run 40 - 60 beams per grow in warehouses. 40 and under where more for houses on flip systems. That’s what used to pay the bills back in the day.


Let me know exactly what your looking for I can give you a hand with that.


Only way this made cents was with the power costing free.99(in a Chinese voice) and the bows moving for 4k.


nothing yet. but eventually I want to do grows along with my extraction. I have mapped out 40 ac I could use without doing any site work on my land. so, it would be a big operation.


Geographical location?


You are correct my bro. We have started the process down in Colombia already as it has been legalized. The Canadians are already down there making it happen.


Middle TN


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Im not gonna get into this debate on an extract forum.

I’m out


There’s no debate my bro the numbers tell a crystal clear story.


DM me, I will be rolling thru in about two weeks as I’ve called in to consult for some one up that way. The best bet would be outdoors if they allow it. At least to get you going then you can build out your GH after the $$$ rolls in.


they allow it here… in that case it would be even bigger… ill hit ya up in the DM


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Ok, now that I softened you guys up, and since gpw is a factor…

I grew with COBs before they had all these fancy strips… Chip on board technology was designed to replace high bay lighting. It’s issues were too MUCH penetration and not enough light spread. These strips became the next generation to solve those issues.

LED technology is fast improving, and while the upfront cost and labor is higher, LEDs have been dropping steadily in price while their power and efficiency has been improving.


Your absolutely correct. I have been working closely with two major developers. The front runner has an LED equal to a gavita as far as micromoles/par. Their chips are in your life every day especially if you drive a Benz. It’s a 940w LED that hangs with the DE lamps. The only problem is they are 5x the cost at only a minimum energy efficiency.