Anyone doing indoor hemp cultivation?



Fluence bioengineering is the jam…


I’d rather smoke indoor regardless of how much you can grow outdoor.


:man_facepalming:, I’m a rookie can you explain the difference between the THC from an outdoor plant and an indoor plant ( same strain).


I agree with @Dred_pirate. I don’t ever smoke outdoor weed. Never ever.

Outdoor weed is constantly bombarded with water and other variables that can be controlled indoors. It’s not even close.

Now from a concentrates point. It don’t matter resales except for pesticides can be in the air. Insects are more prevalent but it can happen indoors. I really think the rain consenses nugs in outdoor that does t happen with indoors.

Thc is thc is right but there are a lot of compounds we are after too


Well let’s just say I know a few OG’s up my way in Humbolt that grow better outdoor than almost any indoors have ever seen. The first thing the have on their side is 40+ years of knowledge and the second is the are 100% organic. The love they have shows in there test results that they don’t even care about. I’m all about the numbers my bros and if anyone has better I will take my hat off and say they are the chit.


The thing about weed is numbers can lie. It’s kinda like football. You can have all the stats in the world and still not make the hall of fame. I.e. Terrell Owens.

There is soo much more to weed than the test for potency. I love that people in Mendocino think the best outdoor can compete with the best indoor. I don’t think it’s close. I’ve never seen any outdoor weed that can compete with the best indoor.

Just like that community up there. We have a long history in the game down here. The Cubans have been growing plant just about as long as anyone.

We ageee in most thing @bg305. But this is one there is not convincing me on.


My experience in Humboldt was similar. Outdoor done right, by people who have perfected their craft, is as good or better than any indoor I have found. With that being said, those true masters were not commonplace.


I’m with you my bro. I’m one of them, oye acere que bola? :joy::joy::joy: As they say the proof is in the pudding and I’m sure I can make you a believer. The bottom line though is that THC % is what is needed for the affects people look for when smoking for recreation. It’s rare to see indoor flower test @ 30% Total. I understand also that there are other medicinal compounds that are sought after and this particular farm has them. I will see if I can find some of their other realty with lower THC and higher other categories.


Why does Indoor weed command such a premium over outdoor weed??

Comparing best of class in both categories??


You are correct, most of these artisans also use hoops so than they don’t get rained on when it comes. The don’t grow large amounts either.


Indoor is more costly to produce. The good outdoor that would actually compete with the indoor is not something ones simply stumbles across.

What is trendy and hyped up? It’s never been outdoor…


Sun grown is still different than outdoor. Flower quality is 98% of the time not even comparable. You know exactly what I mean.


I understand the cost aspect. I’m not a weed producer. I’m a weed buyer. I can buy outdoor weed at a 40-75% discount as indoor weed from the same people. Same farm. Same strains.

For edibles. I’ll use outdoor trim. For shatter. Indoor trim. For anything else. Indoor nugs.

There is just something about perfectly grown indoor weed blasted with co2


Because the market has been flooded with outdoor trash every year for the last 20yrs. I’m on the wagon about indoor looking better and all that. But we both know that the majority of the Cubans in Miami don’t even flush. Let alone all the avid they spray for the mites. :man_facepalming: These people in the hills are all organic my bro. Trust me it’s another world and you don’t believe it until you see it. I was the same way when I got the the triangle, set in my indoor ways. Chit I even set my outdoor up on a hydro system feeding everyday. Them hippies couldn’t believe it. :joy::joy::joy: They didn’t know what big bud was my bro.


The people I know down here flush the shit out of there herb and only grow with organic teas that they make.

There are some that do it right down here.


After stating that opinion…I’ll also say…I dont fuck with outdoor in WA ever. I may rock a green house with supplemental light, and also light dep for an early harvest to avoid moisture problems. Other than that…its indoor here.

And I love this thread. I’ve been moving towards indoor hemp for my personal CBD


That’s was classic @Xersist. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: :pray::facepunch:


It’s the truth…what can I say lol


That’s why I said the majority @Killa12345. I also know some that do I right and grow :fire::fire::fire:. The best way is to experience it for your self my bro. I know the primo doesn’t make it to Miami. Only the $500 bows head that way.

I by no means compare myself to the OG’s in the triangle. When it comes to outdoor I’m a rookie with three years under my belt. I seek their advice an a regular .


Is that blackdog?