Any Luck with Alibaba Gummy Equipment?

We are about to get a kettle and depositor to increase our pectin gummy capacities. Looking at Sainty Co DM20S equipment (6k-10k gummies/hour) with a 100L kettle and also searching Alibaba since all this is primarily coming from China and you can get it for cheaper. Anyone had luck with Sainty Co equipment? What about buying gummy equipment off Alibaba? Any recommendations on what to buy? Appreciate the input!

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I use this depositor along with custom molds and a demolder

The molds on the machine you posted will be very expensixe and popping 10 gummies at a time is going to he super time consuming

I pop 140 gummies in about 10 seconds with my setup. My depositor also deposits 10k-12k pieces an hour depending on size

I cook 3k piece batch and stagger them so another batch is ready right before the depositor runs out of gummy solution

I have auto mixers that allow me to not even have to stir once all the ingredients are added

If you need help improving your throughput or even recipe hmu. My gummies are demoldable once they cool and dont melt even in a hot car


What mixer setup is that?

I think he’s using a Firemixer


Definitely not a fire mixer

These work on any size pot

So what is it then? and what pot are you using to maintain temps?

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Probably a stock pot on an induction plate and the stirrer probably clamps to the pot or has a stand.



Correct, induction pots on an induction heating plate. The mixer does clamp to the side theres no need for a stand to hold it though.

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Nice set up. Thanks for the input. We were looking at that kind of method for popping out our silicone molds. Looks like it works well. Who did you buy it from? I definitely had those concerns with the small molds and expense of them.

For the depositor, is it universal?

I realized a new concern last night… if a depositor does x amount per hour are you at risk of actually only getting half of that because the gummy mix may harden by the time you are done depositing the full amount? Or is it fine so long as your temps stay above a certain level?

Keep the input coming everyone! I appreciate it!

We use induction pots right now with induction heating plate. They work alright but have trouble getting them to temp without the top on. Have been looking at the firemixer but it seems small at only 15kg or so. Was leaning more towards a 100L so we can have further distance.

Where did you get that clamp on mixer?

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How do you like your 100L version? Thinking of getting a 100L kettle either from China or US.

Saintyco has a usa division. Call them, theyll answer. 941-993-6198

Thick silicone molds wont work with a popper like this, they need to be designed specifically for the popper itself. I got my depositor from @jimmytian8 hes great when it comes to customer service

I believe it’s a chocolate depositor that can work as a gummy depositor also

This depends on what youre making. Are you using gelatin or pectin? Gelatin you should be fine as long as you keep your temps up, pectin will start to kick depending on time and formula. From my experiences the brand of pectin you use dictates kicktime more then anything. I run 12k pieces of the same flavor through my depositor easy without any gelling problems, im also cooking 4 batches at a time of 3k pieces each since 1 batch fills up my depositor about 80% of the way. I stagger the batches so the depositor almost runs out of solution right when the next batch is done. I am using pectin.


Induction plates are actually more efficent then an open flame or elecrical heater when it comes to energy transfer. What size Induction plates are you using? I use 1800 watt plates and it takes me about 30 minutes to cook a 3k batch which would be about 9kg of material. The problem with a large kettle is youll have to feed the material into a depositor somehow and youll need to mix the acid in somehow right before it goes into the hopper of the depositor you can do this with 2 pumps and a mixing tube the problem then becomes your pot will still be cooking while youre depositing which can mess with your recipe. This is why i like cooking a bunch of smaller batches at once.

A 100L kettle would probably hold around 6 batches for me which would take around an hour and a half to depositor once to temp. Thats a long time for a finished to temperature cook to keep cooking IMO


Great explanation. Thank you.

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Here is a video on how our gummy depositor works: Desktop Gummy machine, Pectin and Gelatin gummies. GPE 9 all in one unit - YouTube

I would recommend a thin mold for two reasons:
1: lower cost compared with thick mold. A thin mold would cost around $18 to $24 per sheet depending on the design.
2: Easier to pop the gummy out when using automation/manual de-molder.

I got the gummy machine in stock in the US, DM me if you need one soon. But I am selling higher price than Alibaba.

Is this style of machine compatible with chocolate?

Yes, it is compatible with chocolate. Hopper can keep chocolate warm, but you need to temper the chocolate in a cooking pot first.

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You can also melt the chocolate without breaking the temper, then you dont need to retemper it


Good to know! Is it safe to assume that means they are faster at cooking? I have 1800 watt plates, but it takes about 2 hours of total cook time to get my brix up with about 10-15k of material. How are you doing it in 30 minutes!? That’s so fast!

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