Any gummy recipes that boil the sugar?

I’m looking for a recipe if anyone has one that takes the sugar/syrup mix to a boil

When would you add the gelatin? Trying to understand the process.


Wait for the bubbling to stop if you don’t have a thermometer.


Don’t add if hotter then 145F, if you do, the gelatin stink/taste will show up.


Curious, why do you want to this & what are you trying to achieve?

Decarbing clean washed thc-a in process can give you interesting results. Not saying that’s why he wants to, but I have tried to hit 280c many times in process, hard to do with certain things. Little thc-a added to a pizza dough makes for fun times :laughing:


Boil the sugar

42k is remedial this morning.

What’s your issue with the phrase?

There are tons of candy patents and recipes that use this terminology when they are shooting for a certain brix.


Did you soak the rags with loc-tite?

Is that why they’re stuck to your hands?

You superglued rags to your hands, didn’t you?

Dont try to tell me that they’re
sticking because you boiled the sugar and had to clean it up with those rags.

Its clearly superglue.

More fantastic contributions from rowan.

Free the king!

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a lot of pectin stuff goes up to soft ball range, no? I didn’t have any success with my last attempt, I’m gonna grab a refractometer and try to figure pectin out


You could try cross linking your pectin with calcium hydroxide, makes for an amazing bananas foster.

I haven’t messed around with pectin too much but here’s a formula with some parameters.


Fruit by the foot +cbd


Fluid gel

The sugars obviously not “boiling” since that refers to a liquid->gas transition, and both sucrose and glucose decompose before reaching their theoretical calculated boiling points.

The boiling you’re looking for/already observing is the water vapor forming in and escaping from the sugar/water solution. Measuring the temperature of the boiling sugar solution is really helpful in most sugar confectionery, because there is a correlation between measured boiling point of the solution and the degrees Bx or sugar content of the “boiling” slurry.

I recommend doing some testing with a reliable refractometer and a thermocouple probe/logger to determine the exact values and curve for your recipe.

I attached a table that shows this relationship, although adjunct ingredients, cooking conditions, measurement apparatus, altitude, ratios of sucrose/glucose/dextrose etc can have an effect on the exact relationship present in your preparation facilities.

The table is from this journal, the author seems to have uploaded the full text and it may be helpful to you as well in your research.



Hey @raghanded can you please share standard recipe for sugar based pectin gummy that uses Pectin, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, water, Sodium Citrate, citric acid? I tried searching this forum for standard recipe with good shelf stability but couldn’t find. I hope you can help on this. TIA
P.S: I am new to his forum. Stumbled upon this forum while researching on Gummies recipe.

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Here’s a good place to start

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