Another Newbie looking for Help with budget pumps!

Hello Everyone! After reading this site and studying up on all the great info here, and following a few who have gone through the process for the first time, I think I am ready to take the plunge. I am on a budget, so I have decided to go with the following:

Welch 1400 Vacuum Pump
US Labs Glass Kit with Mantle
Circulation Pump: ???

Anyone have thoughts on the circ pump? I’ve read all that I can find and am not finding a decent priced used one. I am hoping someone can help me out with figuring out this piece of it.

And before anyone bashes me for using Chinese glass, and I’m comfortable with that decision after watching a couple of folks get theirs working.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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This is my spoon for the day.

This should get you buy and its cheap


You can also get a sous vide and and 10$ Hydro pump that and 3gallon buckets one frozen one heated that way worked for years for me until I started doing the hot condenser


Call and talk to Dave at usalabs he will tell you not to get the 1400 or a Welch at all most likely. They go down deep enough but the CFM is not there.

It might be a better bet to buy a used alcatel or leybold or edwards and rebuild it if need be. Even for the 2L short path you want 10cfm or over. Its not how deep it can pull its how fast it can pull out the vapors and keep it at a super deep vac.


Ugh. I’ll have to research more on the pump end.

For the hot bath, what are the necessary specs on that?

having the ability to go to 150c is a huge plus for future growth.


250C would be even better :muscle:

some people use a temp controlled heat gun and heat resistant tubing from autozone instead


250c recirculating bath temp?

My mantle temps would be jelouse.

And did someone say :spoon:


Thoughts on this one?

Fisher ISOTEMP 202

Sorry, I can’t post links yet.

At the end of the day, as long as it heats to 100C I am good, correct?

You are good meaning you can get it done. But its not just how hot it goes - its how it performs under semi constant use. What is your desired output per day? How many days per week are you running it?

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I am setting up the still for home use only, not looking to use it for a business or anything like that. Just looking to process a half pound of material every 4 months or so. If I can process a half pound and get it done in a week, I’d be happy.

Fisher is good. Huber and julabo are better. You can always find value in the Chinese import market as well. Do your homework. Nothing worse than blowing your wad on a :lemon:

I bought a rotovap and now i can use the heat bath to run the short path. If i used my short path more I would need a dedicated circulating heater because I would be taking it away from the rotovap. Start with what you need then work up to what you want. Never ever start with what you want…


Hes asking spd not ffe/wfe correct?

USA labs glass kit w mantle $900 sounds like a 2L to me. And i know i called dave when i was about to buy a welch 1400 and I’m glad i did now because i have an alcatel that I bought used and it went down to 3 micron without even changing the oil. I paid $550 for it but im glad i didnt spend 400 on a welch which i was planning on


Im not hating on the Welch i know you have several LOL im just saying if you are buying only 1 pump to run SPD dont buy the Welch.
Now if youre buying 2 pumps use the Welch as a roughing pump get it down to 100 microns or so then switch to the big boy. You will run into waaay less problems this way.


Check out this guys thread hes got it down on a budget


I flipped the 1400 and 1402

The 2021i is a super beast of a vac.

I thought op wanted to run 250c bath temp for spd. That’s why I asked it avove


Yes, SPD.

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