alternative to c-bleach

Recently I have been working on obtaining a good quality Delta 8 compound through distillation. From my research, it seems as though C-Bleach is the standard to doing this. I have tried to contact Columbo Labs a few times and have not gotten a response (I assume they are busier than all hell). I did a little research on the compound that is being used for c-bleach and I discovered attapulgite. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this stuff, or if there would be a better alternative to c-bleach until I can procure some from Columbo.
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Both carbon chemistry and vacuum dynamics have bleaching clay. Contact them for further information.


You are probably going to want a high temp activated (above 650f) I believe Fuller’s Earth.

I’m sure all the suppliers are using lab grade stuff but I personally have a hard time paying the “cannabis” markup for these items when similar off the shelf stuff can be found way cheaper.


Yes attapulgite clay, maybe some bentonite clay, amd activated carbon

I’ve personally been using standard activated carbon and bentonite myself with good success filtered over a bed of celite. It really cleans up my tinctures


Just bought some reagent grade AC from Carolina lab supply for $30 because I couldn’t stomach spending the $50 on half a kilo from LS or BVV. Are you getting pretty good results just using food grade AC marketed for teeth whitening etc. from places like Amazon?

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Am I just closed minded, or is there a good reason to make delta 8?
If you don’t want it as psychoactive then add a little cbd. Why destroy perfectly good D9?
I’ve never sold any carbon absorbents because in my mind D8 is unwanted and it’s like a short cut to making better looking but ultimately less potent product.


I’m still on this bag. It works good I heat it up to about 120-130 then filter it out


That’s exactly the item I was looking at before I got worried I’d cause more headache for myself and decided to order the reagent grade stuff. Good to know for future orders, thanks a ton!

Edit: With regard to the OP’s question, I was looking at this patent earlier today. Might be more trouble than it’s worth compared to the C-Bleach tek, but it’s worth a look considering the potential savings.

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Could you please elaborate on the heating it up to 120-130 and filtering it? I am thinking of buying this to experiment with the crc tech. I am not wanting to pay the high $$ for the name brand bvv Activated Charcoal as I am just starting out. Thanks in advance.

As in MCT based or ethanol based tinctures? You are doing that for the color or what exactly?

I have the c bleach stuff on hand. A better version that’s more powerful is achormatizing clay. It is oh balanced and spray dried to a perfect particle.

Yes just for for color.

Don’t pay a premium for bullshit marketing.

Its not bullshit marketing. It’s imported German powder, from a leading seller. It’s 100% genuine and processed. We also sell it for basically the same price as t41 and it comes in a larger bucket.

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What relevance does the national origin of dirt have?

This is a classic example of the lack of interest you had to do the research or contact us and ask us about it.

It’s not just dirt. That’s where your lost.

What does “100% Genuine and processed” mean?

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Ac clay is a proprietary blend of three types of Clay’s.

It is crushed and powderized down to extremely small particles approx 50x smaller than when dried.
The powders are mixed professionally, each from source origins and coa considered washed and sterile.
The prepared powder is now mixed in a organic and natural array of chemicals for chemical activation and stability with pH.
The slurry is then spray dried to about 60 angstrom(this size is very important for it’s activated quality).

What’s important is that it’s designed to be activated and neutral. It takes both base and acid mixtures and does it’s best to stay neutral and as neutralizer, and as material is being used keeps remnants inside process staying more stable.

There is a difference when people package and sell dirt or clay. Then there’s a difference in sterile, heavy metal free and guaranteed ph stable mixtures of clay. You can buy Amazon packages dirt and it won’t hurt my feelings.

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It means it’s not faked and we don’t relabel. We use and purchase direct from the manufacturer of the product. It’s used in many industries like soda, food, etc. It’s just a perticular product.

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