Alcatel Adixen 2021i Pump Rebuild



I purchased a used Alcatel Adixen 2021i. I got it for super cheap and considering how cheap, I assumed it would need a rebuild. It pulled down to a max of 600 microns after multiple oil changes and a kerosene flush. So here I am. I’ve ordered the complete rebuild kit but can very few resources on how to attempt this process. If anyone has any recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

I was able to find a pdf which has some instructions (p.90), but I would like a second opinion or something more thorough before i attempt this endeavor.

Thank you in advance


Please post up some pictures and tips when you do this. The vacuum pump place by me quoted me $1300 on a rebuild on one of these. Fuck that. I told dude I only paid $280 for it. Why would I pay $1300 to fix it.



Seriously tho, the cheapest rebuild i found was like $800. I paid less than $500 for the pump and rebuild kit so it was a win-win in my book. Now to learn another skill: Vac pump rebuilds lol


Be careful the Alcatel don’t have glass oil sight glasses m, so the kerosene might eat it away or weaken it m. You can. You can buy replacement ones


I had read that but figured with a depth of 600 micron I might as well give it a shot… For science!!! (as I always say)


Try taking apart the pump and cleaning all the parts with a solvent, look for any worn parts and replace them.
fill the pump with clean oil and run it for a few hours blanked off with the gas ballast open, then change the oil while hot that should do the trick.

Also check out the startup procedure starting on page 76, you should be running your pump for at least an hour before useing it.


I have the manual too and when i saw that the rebuild was only 5 pages and very little steps…I figured in a worst case scenario that it would be a cool cheap project for learning vac pump rebuilds.


Once you have it apart the first time, youll know it like the back of your hand.


I love these pumps. You can find em for around $500 that pull to single micron. I use one to pull vac on my closed loop.


I appreciate the feedback and by the sound of it, maybe I was making a bigger deal of it than I should have. I just wanted to make sure before i cracked her open :wink:


tear into it.

worst case scenario is “lab art”.

you’ll learn either way.


i bought 2 used and they are so much easier to work on than the Edwards!


I have to thank vacuum dynamics for the Alcatel idea. He’s always saying how good they are. Found some deceit ones on eBay for $280 each shipped and not really thinking offered the guy $750 for 3 and he accepted. All 3 run perfect but one has a crack plastic shrod, and now I’m reminded of all the stupid money I spent on across international vacuum pumps.

I’m sure there are other really good cheap vacuum pumps that were ignoring out there.


I know someone in So Cal that sells these used and also rebuilds these for a price much lower than stated up earlier on in this thread. If you want his info shoot me a PM.


Purchased the Alcatel off ebay like others. Ive started Cleaning and Flushing it out…
FIRST THING thanks to @Soxhlet For the FLUSH Recommendation… Ill add a few tips.
Run KEROSENE 70/30 Kerosene/oil For HOUR…
open the intake and oil fill plug and drain the pump… Turn on for 10-15 sec…Turn OFF
FLUSH: OPen Drain and pour Kerosene through INTAKE while pump is tipped forward…
Close Drain. REFILL 50/50 Kerosene/oil Run For HOur With INtake Closed.
REpeat FLUSH… AFter 2nd Flush you should see a noticable difference in the spent oil…
Pretty Happy to see all the black Sludge out of the machine This defenitly Works…
And I thought Tranny oil would smell Make sure you do this outside Burning Kerosene REEKS!:laughing: