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Hey im new to this site. I was trying to start this thread for other cart producers and wooks to give each other ideas as to how to improve the quality and production of their carts. Im new to the site forgive me, but i cant find any direct thread specifically related to this. I wanted to openly discuss what types of terps yall use. What ratios for mixing? What problems do you encounter? What hardware do you use and do you find it effective? For me i use ccell knock offs and im switching to all ceramics soon. I currently use true terpenes but im switching to CDT soon. I find the true terpenes(botanically derived) burn off a certain amount above 50 celcius. Any help with that would be appreciated. Either way im hoping we can share what weve leared to help fellow wooks. If you encounter any problems during the process comment below and i hope someone helps out. LETS GIVE EACH OTHER FREE GAME! is a good source for terps and carts

@Betroit is considered to have the best terps around

No more than 5% on terps usually. Match the hardware to the thickness of your product

And finally, most of this has been covered around the site if you search

Edit: if you see mentioned, it’s the old site

Edit2: if you need a big boy rig Cart Farm Full 1000 shot setup + Homogenizer CAT X1000 Homogenizer

And y’all say all I do is shitpost :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the feedback im currently using his cf50. I love it. Havent tried his terps yet tho. Only problem with the cf50 that i have is it burns off botanical terps when set above 50 celcius. I also have problems with the oil being pulled from the 50ml reservoir to the 2ml chamber that holds the oil. This is mainly when its below 55 celcius, but even at that temp it eats up terps. I currently use a heat gun for a few seconds to heat that part and get it flowing better.

Questions for those who use homogenizers.

How much do you spill or lose per batch?
What is minimum ml for it to work?
and dose it get messy?

Dose anybody use sonic stuff? like baths, mini vortex or homenogizers? and if, how?

For carts, best I used so far, is hands off Ispire Ducore 13mm, much better flavor and punch than competition imo.

I like to mix my carts with CBD isolate at about 50%, feels that it helps on a few different levels.
Personal, i perfere carts with high CBD before only THC. I get the feeling that CBD mellows out much of what I dont nesseserely like with THC, also it seems to last longer.

but what I want to ask is if anybody have experienced anything negativ with adding CBD.
dose it maby feel less potent or making you “less high”

or to rephrase, can you get as high as ingesting pure THC, when combined with CBD?

sorry if I fly away to much. Pz

I bought one of those cheap ebay homogenizers on recommendation from people here and the experience was laughable. the blades don’t set, you just have to turn it on and pray they catch properly. even the instructions use the word “randomly”. straight comedy. and when the blades don’t catch metal shavings are going down the shaft and probably into the mix. idk about the expensive ones but what I bought wasn’t worth the trouble. wound up returning it.


Hand mixing with 5 bobby pins rubber banded together never failed me. Ghetto as fuck sure. More time consuming yea. But it gets the job done well everytime for smaller batches.


Wait, what? LOL. Do you make like a whisk out of bobby pins?
How big are your batches?


20-45 carts per batch usually. Small batch type shit.

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If you are looking to ‘save the terps’ check out our Jet-Fueler 2.0 system. We run our systems generally much cooler, and your formulation stays under N2 pressure the entire time in the reservoir heating.

Jet-Fueler Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler

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Thanks for looking out Vape jet but im rocking with qma cf50 till it breaks. Just makes more economical sense for smaller batches. Hes a trustworthy guy too.

100% agreed there =) Just saw your batch sizing.

What is the new site?

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:call_me_hand:t2: Preciate it