A video on how hemp is sprayed with distill. Any thoughts?

Shit loads of marketing… Has made me hate the noid.

Miracles miracles amazing magic but can’t get a cut?

I personally just am grateful for THC. I’ve never had enough time to dialogue a journey in consumption of all repeatedly, but at least try to get a try on them all.

Happy to talk about it in pm

I believe it’s all good, but the selling and marketing deserves a hammer to the face for lying.

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They use to have doctors on TV selling people How good Smoking was and the brands they endorse. Lol
Nice chatting with you.

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During prohibition you could get a script for alcohol.

Rich ppl will always pay to play. It’s just wild seeing it repeat.

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Nope , im doing aa hemp extraction right now , and we have a big percent of thc after we do analizes of the hemp destilat , which is weird ,

How high is the thc content of the distillate?

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So you think maybe someone snuck in some thc sprayed hemp?

More likely it was above 1% thc as biomass, and is now in the 6-8% range.

That is not abnormal. “Compliant” hemp will get you 2-4%

See Eg:Anyone remediate THC from CBD distillate as a service in CO?

If you were below 0.3% and are now above 10%, you need to look at your distillation. Chances are you’re isomerizing in your boiling flask.


We have a strain called Black Garlic that comes out around 2% THCv in extract form.


Any results on flower before extraction?


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i’ve seen a fair amount of high thcv strains they are definitely out there


Oh don’t mind me talking shit. I’m merely pointing out everyone with an oportunity to shine.

Send it then. Become the dominant. New name brand ready to take the fold of customers…

Why aren’t you selling thcv here if not? You know tons of others? Sounds like a missed opportunity.

Where’s the for sale thread? Link? Moq?

I’m not shy on confirmation of flower having thcv. I’m shy on having it repeatedly proven for sale.

Seems like nobody here has thcv for sale except major Chad companies. I can go down a list from Oregon to Ohio. They all convert. All run away when I mention d8thcv.


Have you checked this thread out?

@chempistry has said the distillate was made thru preparative chromatography from cbdv flower.

Just playing devil’s advocate here, if it’s possible to get it tested for d8thcv, it would be a cross-check as to its natural sourcing. Though I don’t know if it’s possible for it to isomerize in small amounts during preparative chroma, which would invalidate that logic.


Buying the ability to test doesn’t prevent the product from being near peak and synthetic. This shit is so off-putting once you truly understand, it’s all a joke.

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In your truthful opinion, what isn’t a joke?

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Repeatability in science.

By all means. Repeat these scientific magicians covering for their asses. You don’t want me on the finger pointing side. So much isn’t what is initially advertised it’s not funny anymore. Fuck all of you remotely associating.

Elaborate because…

Is repeatable.

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Amen, synthesis is repeatable and accepted. Telling your clients it is synthesized would be the first fucking step to asking forgiveness. Lmk how yours pan out.

Lying to the consumers falls on the people passing the lies to them… Not the people before … Food for thought as you try to flip bullshit.

The market wants poison and me to shut up about the readily available chemicals killing us daily. when you should be understanding their effectiveness and place in the world without a blink. :melting_face::cold_face:

Poison is cheap.

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Amen. Arguing would be a lie lol.

Let me make this clear.

I’ve got a bounty in the thousands if you can prove it.

Otherwise your stories are like me scratching my balls.

It’s real, but do you want the stats?

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Prove thcv content in flower in amounts higher than trace, repeatedly?

Sure, let’s see them.

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