A video on how hemp is sprayed with distill. Any thoughts?

Found this video on YouTube. Is this really large scale, or he is full of it?

Spraying Hemp


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Absolutely a thing.

Latest thread here: Cryo infusions available d8 + hhc?

Dozens more: Search results for 'Spray distillate' - Future4200

Are you legit @DistributorMichael?

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Far more informative title.

Although I’m gonna guess most of the views will be by folks looking to learn how to accomplish the trick

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The video you shared is actually a couple of years old. The practice has become far more common since then.

Tell is that some of our European friends are extracting flower THEN spraying with alt-cannabinoids under the guise of “legal” high.


I guess I’ll leave it for the video. I’m on east coast and the streets are flooded with garbage.


If you think about it, spraying weed would be transparent to consumers, cause it gets them high. There is such a demand here for cheap weed, cause dispensaries are getting 475 oz. Everyone is buying 1/8s for 55 cause they are afraid of spiked flower.

They are spaying synths??

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Hope not and doubt they are synthetic noids
Are nowadays not made in quantity s in China since illegalization n July in 2022
But a pretty big facility in Laos is producing
ADDB pinaca at the moment pricing is still very steep for they are one off the few able to deliver finished product and prices in the EU are at 20 K per kg and min loading is 2% on biomass but
There is product seen with 7%
So far hhc hhc-p and thc-p and mixtures there off are the main synthetic noids sprayed on flower in europe


Wow. That was interesting to know. Thanks. It’s getting to the point of consuming natural clean flower is going to be a thing of past, if this continues. As of now, consumers are so blind to what’s in their flower. I see ads for buying glue guns to spray thick distill or isolates. Is this really where flower is going?

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D8 sprayed hemp is more likely than d9 sprayed hemp.

Maybe d9o but semi synthetics are the majority of sprayed products. You can take that to the bank.

Fascinating to hear about the Golden triangle @roguelab


Why would they spray 8 instead of 9?

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Price? “Legality”

Cheaper and implied less risk.


…and acetates (d8 thc-o, d9 thc-o) should not be combusted.


We are probably using deferent meanings for “synthetic”.

THCp can be had from the plant. with some genetic tinkering (traditional tools will work) it can probably had as the predominant cannabinoid.

Yet I would wager ALL of the THCp on the market was made via synthesis in a lab. Given my training, that makes it “synthetic”, which only carries prejudice because I don’t trust the folks doing the synthesis or cleanup.


It’s definitely not made from hemp lol.

Olivetol soups ring a bell? WNC THCP? How real could this be? - #57 by iontrap

Where is the record of thcp being grown? @cyclopath much like the record of thcv that isn’t synthesized from cbdv. It’s the thing of legends and more tales to make sales.


Good read on link.
Isn’t THCP in both hemp and cannabis in trace amounts?
It’s getting crazy with what they are selling to uneducated consumers. Bad Business and a health hazards. Gross.

It’s synthesized from Olivetol, Lemon Flavoring, Solvent in reactors. Olivetol is from Lichens (tree moss looking stuff) and bug guts. The idea of trace amounts I find to be bullshit. Much like THCv flower. I reckon bad testing has more to show than anything.

The SOP is on erowid for thcp and b

So your saying that there is no thcP in plants? It is all synthetic?