Anyone remediate THC from CBD distillate as a service in CO?

We have some CBD distillate in my shop with about 4% THC, wondering if someone local (well, local to me in CO) might offer remediation as a service. Looking for THC removal via chromatography versus conversion into d8 or d10.

I’m located in Boulder, CO, but can meet you anywhere along the front range. Likely a couple hundred grams to start, if the results look good then I have another kilo or so right now to have done.

Thanks in advance!


Doing some testing now on several methods. Private Message me your info and ill put you on the list and let you know when its available (month or so)

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I can do it but I’m in California @CPC

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how many lts a day you need ?

Sorry everyone, forgot to check on this thread.

@Psilisophical I’ll send you a DM shortly. @Remedy I’m trying to stay within CO if I can, I’m hoping to avoid any possible complications with shipping it across a state line. If I cannot find a suitable solution though I will let you know. @mrcarpu For right now we’re not looking to do a very large volume, but I’m hoping to set up a relationship with a provider that can do 1-2 kilos a month for us.

Thanks again for the responses!

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I’m looking for this ability within Colorado as well. Larger volume though up to 200 kilos/month.

We are accepting contracts now but capacity is filling up. DM me if you need THC removed from your oil.

have 200+ liters of 2%-4% THC. (970) 874-5728