A potential answer to anecdotal reports of Dronabinol/Marinol possessing different effects compared to naturally extracted D9

I noticed @rowan mention this in a now-closed thread, and I have as well experienced different subjective effects from marinol vs naturally occuring d9.

I believe the impurities are the answer


So what you’re saying is:

Not even the high and mighty lords of pharma are capable of making clean isomerized THC.

we should throw the whole concept in the garbage and get it from a natural source as god intended


Pretty sure its a 100% synthetic form of THC that is being used not isomertized, but as far as subjective effects its rather hard to compare a compounded pharmaceutical drug like dronabinol which has been developed to be a medicine (bioavailability, inactive ingredients, extended release ect.) To a pure form of a narcotic like high TAC D9 I’d put money on there being extremely little to no difference in the medication effects whether its made with natural D9 or synthetic


The impurities are mainly d8, cis-d9, and CBN


Ive read cases of marinol/Dronabinol actually CAUSING seizures. Disgusting.


“Seizures: Dronabinol can cause seizures or similar events in patients with a prior medical history of seizures. These patients also require close monitoring, and therapy should stop if a seizure occurs.”


Iv had drabinol and it made me anxious when taken by itself. Taken and then smoke weed or edible it was fine. But i didnt like the effect of it by itself

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