70/30 solvent refill

I’m using a 70/30 blend to make diamonds. Question is when it’s time to top of the tank to get it to my required weight. Do I use more 70/30? Or strait butane since propane has a higher boiling point?

Ur confusing in ur question…
If u use 70/30 why would u ever refill with just N?
Am I missing something?
Always refill with your source tank of 70/30 distill and keep on extracting! If ur plans are to use 70/30 that is…

Same blend
Yust the first few hours after canning keep cap lose for al pentane to escape
And You Will probably have to leave a little more than half When taking out If collection pot cause that pentane Will disapear fast

Wat I was thinkin was all the propane would evaporate first leaving just behind the lb or so of butane for the pour

That depends wheter your solvent is below -1C. But above -46 C

Running from room temp or slightly chilled solvent tank thru coil buried in dry ice. Don’t kno exactly wat temp but think it’s b around -46 maybe a little lower. An the collection base is on dry ice until I start recovery. Then set my chiller to 35c

When You start recovering
Pentane starts becoming vapor at iT s boiling point so as long as temp is above boilingpoint of pentane but below boiling point of butane
All pentane Will evaporate
Then as long as butane is liquid because temp of collection pot is below -1C the pressure in the collection pot should be 0
Or vacuum this is When collection pot can be opened while the cold butane at -1C or less doesnot want to Evaporate
This oil solvent mix is then used for Diamond mining
Come to think of iT this means that your fill tank is always getting pentane in Return but No butane since that is the solvent for mining so indeed You must Ad butane to your main tank to keep the 70/30 ratio😀


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If hè recovers propane first because of its lower boiling point then that 30 % go s back to the tank and the butane go s to the Diamond miner or jar

You were saying pentane. That’s all I was mentioning


if you want to maintain that 70/30 blend.
check the engineering toolbox.

you can tell what’s in the can based on temp and pressure
(assuming you’ve not added nitrogen, or air at some point)

top up accordingly.
(using a scale).

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