500ml or 2L

I’m in themarket for a spd, mainly for personal and running for friends. Although I’ve heard you want at least half of the bf with material for proper distillation. Should I just go with the 2L or just piece togeather a 500ml?

I run around 250-500g of crude a month or so

500ml way more fun for learning
Runs are short and mistakes are
Not as expensive


I’d be willing to part with my learner set its 500ml with mantle and everything. Be willing to part with it all cheap. It’s only has 3 runs on it.


@beaker had a mantle that takes a 250ml flask

Maybe you should make an offer?


250$ glass included ?


@Roguelab; It’s yours for the shipping.

Yes, I’d take $250 from @PrimO.Oil for what is pictured (which was edited).

Plus a thermometer if its around.
Plus shipping.

Unless someone wants to start a bidding war…

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I am really intersted in the glass wear
The mantel is probably 110v but il take it
If all reveneus are still for family let the bid stand for a week see if there are more willing


Sorry guys didn’t see replys. I think I’m looking for at least a 500ml rig @cyclopath appreciate the offer though. @Killa12345 I’m interested, I’ll send you a DM

DM me prices/info pls!

Last year one of our beloved members passed away (r.i.p) @Beaker
and some of the hero s of this forum
@cyclopath and @Eastcoaststrange
Have taken their time to save as much off his legacy as they could
Part of his legacy was equipment
Of wich this mantel and glasswear are a part
We the members have been bidding on these items and the reveneus go to the Family so there is not a fixed price
Call a bid and maybe it s yours


What other equipment is needed to get this up and running? A cold trap and a vacuum pump? I’m assuming I can’t use my cheap vacuum pump I already own for this correct?

Sorry for the spoon fed request guys, but I’ll be honest I’m kind of interested in @Beaker piece, but need to know total cost to get up and running.

I’d hate to get something of his and not put it to good use because I didn’t want to spend the money to do it right.

Seems like he was a good dude btw.

Well yes if you want to use it as a shortpath for wich. All glasswear is available and mantel of 250ml
A coldtrap a vacuum pump and a heating bath for the. Condensor is neccesary A labstand and a vacuum gauge
What vac pump do you have now
Brand and model ?

I have a feeling I don’t have any useful equipment for this will have to start from scratch. I think the start up costs might be a tad too much for me atm. I gotta set a limit on spending for this hobby!

Thanks for the info though @Roguelab

That being said, hopefully someone bids on this, it’s a good deal, and sounds like a good cause.

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I’m interested in playing around and learning a bit. $275



So… plugging the mantle into a temp controller would cut the stir bar anytime the heat was cut.

Which won’t work.

Near as I can tell @beaker was just using his controller as a digital thermometer with the bare thermocouple between the boiling flask and the mantle.

I just stuffed a digital thermometer probe in a similar location.


image image

For $275 you get the mantle, boiling flask of your choice (I recommend the single neck), the head, the triple cow, and four receiving flasks.

You’ll need to come up with a cold trap, a gauge, a vacuum pump, a lab-stand & clamp(s), and a lab jack.

The robinair dual stage pictured was not ideal, but did stay under 140um for the run.

There is also an even smaller setup…without a mantle.

I think the boiling flask is only 50ml.

Maybe @Roguelab wants the itsy bitsy one?

If @Roguelab doesn’t take the really little one, I’ll take it @cyclopath.

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Yes i want the itsy bitsy one please



Yep. 50ml boiling flask…


This is great, and much appreciated! Generally, I make single source “diamonds/sauce” and haven’t had much incentive to go the distillate route up until now. I’ve been interested in, and having been posting about, the endocannabinoid system and the medicinal benefits of some of the more obscure phytocannabinoids since before the CBD craze. And even though I missed the bubble I feel like the concept of targeting the ECS more specifically has got legs, and I’m more than interested.

Couple threads from '03 about the ECS, terps, cannabinoids, and the need for open source:

Anyway, I just wanted to covey my appreciation for this board’s efforts and convey my intent to contribute to the spirit of the sum being greater than the total of the parts. I’m very happy to see all of this come to fruition.

That aside, are we letting the $275 stand a week?

Has it stood the week? I’ve got packing materials and such…