3D printed lab accessories bring yer' cad models!

Hi community,
I want to get a discussion going about 3d printed lab items, and possibly start a library of prints for the community.I wanted to kick this off with a giveaway contest for the best, original cad models that the community comes up with. We are going to pair this with an Instagram contest as well, so there are multiple way of winning. There are four prizes total, Two will be given away in each contest.

Rules for the contest:

  1. Cad drawings must be original, no plagiarism of other peoples work.
  2. You must embed or emboss your user name onto the solid model.
  3. drawings must be submitted in native cad format and .stl file


Prize is a handsome phone stand made from 6061 aluminum. It is sandblasted and engraved, made personally by me.

Winners will be voted in by the community after model submission via ballot that I will create.
Let the most popular, innovative, or creative widget win!

Submissions open until September 1st 2020

2 winners will be decided September 4th 2020


im game; ill submit the panda spout and design something new ;0


Love this idea! I havent made anything great besides some simple seals for 3d printing but i’ll gladly share the files i make when its something worthy.


Most of my stuff is grow oriented right now, but I made a thread here


*scrolls through server to find models of useful bits and bobs that never got made


grow stuff is cool as well.


anybody gonna do anything with flexible filament? I can print the winners model too!


I don’t have a design but I figured I’d post what my plan is in case it inspires anyone else.

I bought a 30" lenticular filter housing for $100 (super steal, owner didn’t know what it was and asked on FB,
he was going to repurpose it be the world’s largest vibratory but never got around to it and accepted my offer instead) found some filter cartridges (it takes 3x 2.7") online and bought them. Great success, but 3 of the however many I bought were the wrong port size, smaller. So I am going to make an adapter to be able to still use the filter cartridges (one costs about the price of what I paid for the entire filter housing)! Going through the hassle of returning to someone on ebay will be more troublesome than measuring, modeling, and printing an adapter. However, I have enough other things to do and additional filters so it’s not on my the top of my to do list.

Another think I was thinking about designing was a Mason jar holder or tilter for draining terpene fraction after crystallization.

I had a 3d print company in 2017 on where we printed dabber holders, carb cap holder, q tip holders, etc that have found great utility in the lab. Glad I continued doing lab work in addition to the 3d printing because a print farm sure requires lots of labor hours and low return if the printer isn’t proper.

Lots of little odd purposes in the lab that would benefit from rapid prototyping. Keck clips on demand!

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I was just working on some little caddy designs myself, here’s the most recent


wheres the mini bottle of iso? the proverbial cherry on top


Lol, I’ve got a 60ml squeeze bottle for the desk, should be able to see it beside the drams


It looks like my thingiverse account may have been banned, @sidco can you make .stl files uploadable to the forum by any chance?

someone has been bad! just kidding. :grin:

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My contribution for today:

100% Parametric Bottle / Cartridge Jig

All params can be adjusted as needed to fit whatever bottle / cartridge you need. The chamfer distance and angle can also be adjusted to give you whatever acceptance angle you desire.



You can view your file 3D web ready and you can view this w/ AR as well… sorry, felt like nerding out.


edit: the Augmented Reality feature is serving a scaled image; if interested i can give you polygon/model specs so that it renders in AR in browser no apps.


Micro-cart holder for filling G-cells or C cell style carts. A bit tall for the .5ml C-cells but that’s a simple fix



Can someone make me a mini seed sorter? For hobby scale.


How much smaller than that do you need? I’m sure I can work something out

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