2 gram vapes are becoming the new industry standard


No they aren’t

Rec states don’t allow them for the most part, and I don’t want to deal with the clogs of a 2ml personally


Tell that to Nevada, @BBTANKCA.

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Do you have clogging issue of your 2ml vapes now? We can figure it out

try to be first winner with the 2 grams vapes in Nevada!


This 100%

I don’t smoke a lot of carts but when I do it’s usually pretty expensive feed stock (decarbed thca and hte)

Clogging is totally an issue and if I’m smoking that good good I prefer half gram carts.

With the exception of some brand new devices available like what @Dred_pirate has been using (5g capacity) and what @SanitatemDime showed me in Vegas, I don’t think the future is 2g carts at all


yes, bigger capacity means more clogging usually. but our devices is with preheat function. It can solve the problem. Try it out!

I’d suggest looking into the laws before trying to find the first brand willing to use them in the state.


At the recent CBD EXPO, no fewer than three companies told me that their latest, most exclusive offering was their 2g cart. These are destined to be full of CBD derivatives. That market will provide testing and proof of concept.


Lol nobody wants 2 gram disposables.
Disposables in general fetch a premium compared to carts.
$40 easily for street disposables vs $20-25 street carts.

You think a consumer would rather pay $80-100 for a 2 gram disposable vs buying $40 gram disposables at a time? They could get two different favors for $80 vs one 2ml disposable

Carts are disposable buddy


Hey sherlock

You gotta make the bulk buys cheaper

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I watched a video of one of those things on ig, how is it different from a traditional vape tank?

He mentioned charging the cotton on it in the video and the coil looked just like a vape tank coil.

Which one are you referring to?


This thing?

Edit: I still had the tab open lol


Its interesting that problems with 1ml carts are not fully solved so going bigger seems to be a solution for some. So you do not like the taste of your large fries? Have you tried our XL fries? They taste the same but there is more…Its like we do not want to actually solve problems here.


It’s a modified billet box, lots of coil options

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Never even new those types of devices existed lol.

Learned something new today I suppose

Clogging? Try Boshang 2ml disposable, we already solved this problem with our special know how.

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“special know how” well why didnt we address this sooner!!!