YHCHEM Wiped Film Operating Parameters

Check the Instagram, it definately will if your hitting those numbers.

If you’re having that happen then theres something else going on, you need super saturation to crash

Melt isolate and see how long it takes to recrystallize on its own.

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Isolate isnt distillate

96% is supersaturation. Again check the feed, have done a bunch of 95%+ Cbd distillations, it crystallizes pure crystal in the flask. You can pull em out or let it lock up

I run one of the few competitive isolation labs here in Colorado. Have put our numbers against the best and even cleaned up many members here Isolate. Isolate yields don’t lie


99% CBD distillate basically is isolate

I never have problems with high purity CBD crashing on itself unless I heat it and cool it.

Youre not gonna hit 99% CBD disty without crystallizing first. Straight out of the VTA ive hit over 95% CBD and it didnt crash in the mason jar like hes talking about

You said you got 96-100% every run but don’t have issues with CBD crystallizing, what?

TAC yes. 95% pure cbd

CBd crude crystallizes, every Distillate I make over 75% locks up over night. If you have some crystal resistance distillate at that purity, I’d love to see it

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Theres a whole thread on making crystal resistant cbd, it’s funny because everyone always talks about how it crystallizes in pens and I never have problems with that, even if I have 60 or 70% CBD in them.

I actually just got some pens from a client of mine that they mixed and it crystallized, used the same cbd and terpenes and I had no problems. I think they heated the cbd up and crashed it too fast

99% Cbd distillate from crude in a short path.


I have some cbd disty I’ve had for 3 month that tests at 85% cbd and it hasnt crystallized. Idk how you can get 75% to crystallize over night but mine doesn’t in months lol

I bet temperature could have something to do with it, I’m in the high desert of CA it’s always 70 here

Other cannabinoids will prevent crystallization, this all comes from field hemp where it’s mainly CBD

Yea but if you have a 75% cbd disty thatll crystallize over night my 85% cbd should crystallize faster as it has less impurities

Our lab is relatively temp controlled and stays right at 70 degrees. I have never seen what you are reporting and I don’t think many have. CBD in any form over 60% will crystallize and lock up.

I’d love to see it though, Id fly out tomorrow lol