WTS HHC KGs - 3000$ / kg

Please sell below for COA let me know if you have any questions!

20211221-HHC-KCA.pdf (1.8 MB)


Also HHC-O-Acetate.


Gonna guess there’s no standards for that yet?

You have any chromatograms/info on it?


HHC-O with peak identification.docx (40.3 KB)

No standards we are working on them.

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Nice TAC. Anyway to get the isomers heavier on the 9R VS 9S


i have access to 49r:40s

youre going to run into the issue of high HHCs a lot ive seen 5 COAs all the same reverse ratio. Sorry to say it but this HHC is nothing special.

Ayyy I may have sampled some hhco recently. Dammit I want hhc to hit me like the rest … But apparently if you drink that shit is weak?

Asking for a friend

HHC-O-Acetate might be stronger than THCp for some reason…

I think it is the second strongest cannabinoid at commercial scale.

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I wish…

Speaking from consumer experience.

Genuinely believing my alcohol consumption has caused a damper on my cannabinoid absorption.

I’ve had access to hhc, hhco, tho, and felt slim to nada

Genuinely trying to solve but it doesn’t fix overnight…

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@moveweight Weird I guess you just metabolism cannabinoids differently?

I use to have the highest tolerance than quit for a few years, now I just get wrecked by anything.

@ everyone else If you want to try some HHC-O for yourself :

Hhc-oa was available from @eyeworm shit was fire but I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt any claim of it being one of the strongest cannabinoids out there. I have smoked on samples he sent and it’s good shit. Definitely stronger than his
54:36 HHC but not exponentially stronger.

Any HHC without at least 50% R is not gonna get you that high.

To claim that HHC-oa is somehow as strong as thcp is lame.

I am not directly stating this against @Bret_HoneyGold or any of his affiliates but the majority of the “HHC” out there is bunk.


Yeah ours is not bunk, it also has CBN-O-Acetate in it too so maybe that is why.

We had people try THCp, and HHC-O-Acetate. They are both incredibly strong, I meant to say they are the two strongest commercially available cannabinoids. My apologies on anything that was left open to interpretation or just incorrectly stated.

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I will also clarify I did not mean to state your products are bunk.

I just see first hand how all the HHC on store shelves has no love from customers that and KCA warning the public on this forum as well shows that there’s always going to be people using how new something is to their advantage.

Hi do you guys have HHC that is thc free??

Yes we do, we also have HHC/CBN blend for 1500$ that we are running a promo on 60(HHC)/30(CBN)%

I tried this HHC-OAc disty out last night. Didn’t knock my socks off. Seems to be an appetite suppressant.

First dab I took neat. Utterly unimpressed. Second was with a drop of refined CO2 terps and was much better effect wise. Seems to have a similar half-life.

All in all, it was comparable to d9, but I truly think within an order of magnitude of strength you’re just talking about how much to use to achieve the same net effect.